8 Jul, 2020

Recruitment Online Marketing: How to Make SEO-Friendly Videos

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Creating videos is a fun and creative way to supplement your existing SEO and content marketing strategies. While writing articles and blog posts allows you to inform and engage job seekers and employers alike, it certainly helps to spice things up from time to time. This way, you can provide your audience with more variety, which encourages them to keep coming back to your website. 

There is no doubt that videos are entertaining. It is one of the main reasons why people spend billions of hours watching YouTube videos daily. Videos are much easier to absorb than written articles, too. Since humans can better process images than words, videos allow them to learn and digest a lot of information faster than when reading text. 

As a recruiter, videos can make a significant contribution to your recruitment online marketing efforts. They can help you stand out and expand your reach. Also, videos make it easier for you to obtain better online visibility and achieve higher search rankings. Studies showed that incorporating videos into your website can boost your chances of landing on the first page of Google SERPs (search engine result page) by up to 53 times. 

While it may be intimidating to produce videos at first, it can be fun once you get used to the video creation process. In addition, you can get started quickly as long as you have a camera, computer, video editing software, and access to the Internet. 

4 Key Pointers to Follow When Making Videos

More than 60% of general searches on Google consist of videos. As such, you’d want yours to stand out more and be visible online. Good thing there are ways to optimise your videos for search engines. Here’s what you should do to make your creations more SEO-friendly. 

1. Include captions or subtitles in your videos


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Text is a vital element of SEO. It allows Google’s search bots to crawl webpages and obtain information about them. Based on the data collected, the search giant will rank webpages accordingly. Captions and subtitles do the same thing to your videos. The more relevant information the captions have, the higher the videos will rank on search results. The higher their rank, the more visible and more capable they are of bringing traffic to your website. 

Videos with subtitles can also be a great help to your audience. They enable your audience to view your content in public places without having to turn on the sound. Adding subtitles also make your videos more accessible to hearing-impaired people. 


2. The best videos should be your priority

As much as possible, you should avoid embedding multiple videos in one post or page. It is because Google’s search bots usually stop crawling webpages for videos once they find the first one. To get better search rankings, therefore, you should post only the best video per page. 

Consider these factors when choosing which video to post:

  • Mobile-friendliness – The video’s length, dimension, and loading speed should be appropriate for mobile users.
  • SEO-friendliness – Make sure there are relevant keywords in the video title, caption, and description.
  • Overall quality – Not only the video should be relevant, but it also must have good lighting and clear sound. When it comes to effective recruitment online marketing, always remember that quality videos matter.

3. Select a good video thumbnail


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Thumbnails give your audience an idea of what your video is all about. Also, they help increase your search rankings. A study revealed that videos with thumbnails are twice more likely to generate traffic and be visible online. 

To make your videos more effective, make sure you don’t set your thumbnails to “auto-select.” If you do, your videos could end up having ugly thumbnails that could discourage your audience from viewing them. Instead, it would help if you chose a frame that reflects the message of your video. 

4. Post the videos on your site

It is common amongst businesses and marketers to use video hosting websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, when posting videos. This practice is understandable since using video hosting sites is faster and more cost-effective. However, when you post your videos on other sites, you’re sending your audience away from your website. 

To maximise your recruitment online marketing efforts, you should host your videos and post them on your website. When a member of your target audience shares your video, they are also sharing your website. As a result, you’re more likely to generate traffic. Just make sure to post one video per webpage to improve your indexing and make your site more SEO-friendly. 

You can still use a third-party video hosting platform, such as YouTube, provided that the video description has a link to your main site. Another option is to embed or post the link to the video on your webpage and then promote it on social media. This would enable your target audience to find your video and watch it right on your website. 

Final Thoughts

Videos make a great addition to your content offering. They are fun to watch and much easier to digest. Similar to written content, videos should be search engine-friendly. By optimising them for search engines, you can use them as a potent weapon for attracting more traffic and obtaining new leads for your recruitment business. 

At Recruitment Traffic, we have highly skilled SEO experts who can help you optimise your videos and other types of content for search engines such as Google. Contact us today to get the solutions you need.

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