3 Reasons Why Your Recruitment SEO Is Failing to Attract Top Talent

Recruitment agencies are facing unique challenges this year. For one, the task of looking for qualified candidates with the skill sets that match the company’s criteria has become more difficult than ever. With the recent economic uncertainties, recruiters are also under pressure to reduce the time and costs needed for the recruitment process. And with global job opportunities becoming more accessible due to technology, top applicants have become more discerning, making talent attraction trickier compared to previous years.

However, it is important for recruitment agencies to double (or triple) their efforts to make sure their recruitment lead generation strategy is bringing them the candidates that their client companies are looking for. If your recruitment company SEO efforts seem to produce poor results, the following reasons may be worth studying:

1. Your recruitment website is not mobile-friendly.

The most qualified candidates today are extremely busy and enjoy the benefits of technology. Fortunately, they are also always online through their mobile device, allowing you to reach out to them wherever they are. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level applicant or a top-tier executive, they will most likely have access to the web through mobile.

Thus, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach out to your target candidates. Candidates and companies will have a hard time viewing the content on your site. Moreover, your site may suffer from low rankings and visibility since Google now gives priority to responsive sites.

2.  Your website looks and acts outdated.

Most companies and candidates will first encounter your agency through your recruitment website. If they’re not impressed by what they see and experience while exploring your site, they can easily go away and seek the services of another recruitment agency.

It thus pays to invest in building a website that’s easy on the eyes and a breeze to use. Focus on the basics. The content needs to be clear and organised. The layout should allow for fast and intuitive navigation. Your company profile should be written in a compelling manner, and your contact information should be visible and highlight the credibility of your firm.

3.  You don’t have a clear call-to-action.

Pulling in qualified visitors to your recruitment website is not the end goal. It can only be deemed effective if you can compel them to take a desired action that you have set. Do you want them to leave their contact information such as email and mobile phone number? Subscribe to your services? Submit their CV to your database?

To make this happen, it’s important to have a clear call-to-action. Moreover, you can offer something of value, such as a helpful piece of content, as a way to encourage them to continue connecting with you.

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