Dramatically increase your Recruitment Leads by driving relevant website visitors from Google using highly targeted recruitment adwords advertising.

Recruitment Adwords

30% of Google searches are recruitment related...

Reach the most relevant clients and candidates by showing up on top of Google searches with recruitment Adwords sponsored Ads.

Why Your Recruitment Agency Needs PPC

And why we’re the right choice for you…


High Google visibility matters

Getting found on Google is important because it saves you time and money. Visitors are ready to use your services, they have the intent to buy rather than needing to be persuaded.

Highly targeted campaigns

PPC allows you to be found for thousands of very specific search terms and gain an immediate return on your investment.


Dynamic content ads

It’s essential your clients and candidates see adverts that exactly matches their requirements, we’ll dynamically build ads based on the search terms searchers are using.

First to the finish

Pay Per Click Advertising is incredibly nimble, our tests show results quickly allowing us to launch new campaigns, promote urgent needs and make quick improvements without any delays.

Complete transparency

You have full access to everything, you are able to clearly see what we are working on, and have the ability to see our results at a micro level.

One stop shop specialists

We specialise in Recruitment PPC. Our service fully covers you for everything you’ll need, from content writing, design, campaign building, testing and continued improvement optimisations.

Average Results – After Just 3 Months

Average Cost Per Client Enquiry

Average Client Enquiries /Month


Increase in Candidate Applications and / or Client Enquiries


Increase in Google Visibility and Traffic


Increase in Marketing List Signup Rate

Looking Forward to the Future of PPC Service

Being named as the best recruitment lead generation specialist in the United Kingdom is a wonderful accolade and it motivates our team to continue doing our best.

As the winner of the 2020 Best Lead Generation Specialists, we guarantee you that we will help your business grow with award winning PPC Services. We can help you choose the right platforms and targeting to help you achieve your marketing goals.

How much will PPC cost?

How much will we pay each time our adverts get clicked?
The cost per advert click will hugely depend on your particular recruitment target market / niche. However given some basic details about your recruitment niche and target audience we will be able to come back to you with average advert click costs.
Is there a minimum I can expect to pay for PPC each month?
Yes, the minimum monthly investment for PPC is just £110 (inclusive of our fees, not taxes).
Averagely what do recruiters spend on PPC each month?
The monthly investment amount that is right for you will depend on many factors including your target market and your goals.

However, an average monthly PPC investment for a small to medium sized Recruitment Agency working within an averagely competitive recruitment market niche will be between £1,500 and £4,500 per month.

How much do you charge?
We offer a flexible percentage based fee structure. The fee percentage decreases the highly the monthly click budget is. Speak to your account manager who will talk you through the most appropriate and up to date investment and fee options.
Who do I pay my click spend to?
Your click spend goes directly to the advertising systems such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads / AdCentre. We do it this way so that you have ultimate control. We charge a predefined management / optimisation fee this is calculated based on your click spend so that it is clear how much it will be each month.

Key Considerations when choosing a PPC partner

Work with a PPC Recruitment Specialist who has built and managed many recruitment campaigns across most niche markets who can hit the ground running and provide you with the results you need quickly.
Don’t work with Non PPC Specialists.  Some web, design or marketing companies will offer PPC services along-side their other services, generally they will be outsourcing this work to other companies such as ours, this means you end up paying more and don’t benefit from building a direct relationship with those actually working on your account.
Don’t pay for mistakes and education. If you work with a company without Recruitment industry experience, they will be spending your paid for time and click budget on learning how to gain the most from recruitment search opportunities.

Our Recruitment PPC Processes

Sponsored search ads through Google AdWords and Bing Ads is an extremely powerful and cost-effective way to drive interested searchers to your website with targeted search terms and phrases.

Thanks to our complete range of fully supported and award-winning PPC services, we maximise the success of your online advertising and marketing campaigns.

Creative messaging concepts

We develop creative messaging concepts for a variety of ad titles and descriptions featuring a variety of benefits and offers. We identify the messaging that compels the most relevant people to click through to your website.

Campaign placement

We use advanced PPC strategies, campaign settings and keyword match type combinations to ensure your ads are shown only when most appropriate to achieve your business and marketing goals.

Keywords search term research

We perform search term research and analyse thousands of potential search terms to identify optimal targets based on relevancy, popularity and competition.

Location targeting

We target based on location so that you attract a more refined and relevant array of visits and leads.


Advert copy

By creating 2/3 adverts for each ad group, we allow rotating adverts to show the best performing adverts more frequently.


Negative keywords

These tell Google when not to show your ads. We add negative keywords to campaigns continually to ensure your ads are not showing for irrelevant search terms.

Conversion tracking

The key to a successful recruitment AdWords campaign is conversion tracking, this is because we need to know which keywords are producing real enquiries. Our optimisation helps us to increase enquiries and decrease the cost per lead.


Prospects rarely make an enquiry or during their first visit. Retargeting works by showing image and text based adverts on third party websites to only those users who have previously visited your website.

Display network advertising

The Display Network is a collection of websites and apps that show Google AdWords ads. The Display Network allows us to reach a wide range of candidates and clients and proactively target them whilst they browse the internet.


Targeted adverts that reconnect with your past website visitors.


Your PPC Recruitment FAQs…

Is PPC best for attracting Recruitment Clients or Candidates?
Google AdWords and PPC are great for bringing in both Clients and Candidates, and the majority of our clients use PPC for both. However you don’t have to. If you have a more urgent requirement for either candidates or clients we can start with one and bring in the other or swap at any time. The flexibility that PPC provides is one of its most powerful advantages.
Do you only work with large recruitment businesses with large budgets?
No, we work with recruitment business of all types and sizes across all recruitment industry niches. Whether you are a well-established multi locational global recruitment firm or a one person startup we have a suitable solution. In-fact you can start gaining results from PPC from just £110 per month so speak to our team and they will quickly be able to talk you through your options.
When can we start?
We only take on one Recruitment PPC client at the beginning of each month. This is so that we can confidently run through our processes with new clients without keeping them waiting. Do give us a call to see if we have availability for the beginning of next month. We can do plenty of preparation before, so the sooner we talk the better if you need quick results.
Should I worry about my competitors clicking on my ads?
In a short answer: no. Google and the other PPC platforms run extremely sophisticated analysis systems that consider the source of every click your campaign receives, and before you are charged or the click becomes part of your statistics it has to pass through validity filters. So if your competitor had nothing better to do other than click on your adverts all day, these would get ignored.
How much PPC experience do you have?
All our PPC experts have 10+ years’ experience. This level of expertise is vital because PPC is an exact science and is constantly evolving so we only employ those at the top of their game.
How often will you provide reports on our successes?
Generally we share PPC reports with you once a month, however we can provide weekly reports if that better suits your own internal reporting schedules.
Which search engines offer PPC advertising, and which is right for my recruitment business?

Currently Google has 75+% of the global search market share. For this reason, many PPC advertisers focus all their efforts on AdWords. However, by using Bing Ads as well, you can access another 10+% of the market, and often at lower costs. Plus, for our recruitment clients, the costs per conversion are often lower on Bing than on Google. We mainly work across Google and Bing as these gain the vast majority of search traffic, however if we feel there is good opportunity in other search engines we’ll definitely look into them for you.

We already have PPC campaigns from previous providers, what will be the first step when you take over the account?
The data you have built with previous campaigns and providers is very useful so access to these accounts and sharing past reports will be the first step.  Next we move onto your campaign building. Generally we find that old campaigns are not built to the standard we prefer, so more often than not we gain insight from old accounts but we will start from scratch to ensure you gain the very best results.
What will the communication process be like?
We believe communication is key. You will be provided with your own account manager who will be your single point of contact and will guide you through every step, providing you with answers to any queries you may have.
What is the minimum contract length?
We will not hold you to a long contract, and your contract simply rolls on month to month. We understand how circumstances change, so if you choose to stop working with us all you need to do is provide 30 days’ notice.
I didn't think anybody clicked on Google's Sponsored Ads, so why have them?
Thankfully for recruitment businesses likes yours, sponsored ads on Google and Bing do get a great deal of clicks. In fact, they actually gain more than 10% of all search recruitment and job related traffic which is over 3 Million UK searches every month. So it is imperative that as a recruitment agency you take advantage of this opportunity. In particular, sponsored search ads can be highly targeted and provide you with enquiries from candidates and clients from your particular recruitment niche market.
How does Google AdWords work?
Google Adwords works like a bidding system. Advertisers bid on search terms / keywords to place their ads on Google’s search results pages when these search terms are used. This however, is not an auction where the highest bidder always wins. Google awards higher ad placements to advertisers with higher-quality, more relevant, well-organised ads and campaigns, and not just to those who bid more. For this reason it is imperative that your campaigns are managed appropriately by an agency such as Recruitment Traffic. If not, your click budget will be in danger of being wasted and many opportunities could be missed as a result.
Can I see all the results and campaigns?
Yes, you have ownership level access to each of the advertising systems we use. This means you can login at any time and see the results you are getting. We also provide monthly summary reports that highlight the most important key performance indicators.
Why do we need ongoing PPC management and optimisation?
To become cost effective, Pay Per Click campaigns require constant monitoring and attention. Our objective is to show a steady improvement in quality, quantity and value of the results.  Here is a starter list of the types of actions we perform each month:

  1. Research to identify new advertising opportunities.
  2. New advert creation.
  3. Targeting and keyword analysis and optimisation.
  4. Click through rate, cost per click, budget and quality score monitoring to help you receive the cheapest possible click prices.
  5. Google Analytics and conversion tracking analysis.
  6. Production and delivery of monthly reports.
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