27 May, 2021

Recruitment Marketing: How Do You Convince More People to Visit Your Site?

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What comes next after building your recruitment site and optimising it for search engines? The next logical step would be to grow your web visitors. While building a bigger audience may seem like a huge challenge, especially if you’re just a beginner, it is not impossible. With a sound recruitment marketing plan and the help of a trusted partner, like us here at Recruitment Traffic, you can create a loyal following of candidates and employers who can help you generate dozens of leads and conversions.

4 Ways to Build a Bigger Audience

With thousands of people relying on the Internet for essential information, including job openings and hiring tips, blogging and other forms of content marketing provide the perfect avenue for you to reach your target audience. Many businesses rely on this strategy to attract prospects and keep their web visitors engaged, with 91% of B2B marketers and 85% of B2C marketers running business blogs.

Content creation is also an effective SEO strategy. It helps you keep your site fresh, which in turn helps you rank well on Google and other search engines.

Indeed, content marketing is vital to your success. However, how can you encourage people to view your web content and convince them to return?

1. Develop a better understanding of your audience

Regardless of your chosen recruitment marketing strategy, you cannot take the next step without conducting audience research. Researching your audience enables you to know them well, which allows you to create more effective ads or more exciting web content. 

When doing research, you can start with your audience’s demographics, such as their age, location, and gender. You can also conduct an in-depth analysis or segmentation. This enables you to create a more detailed picture of your prospects since this strategy also takes other vital factors into account, such as their behaviour and beliefs.

You can use the following tools to perform audience research:

  • Google Analytics
  • Quantcast Measure
  • Tableau
  • LinkedIn’s built-in website demographics
  • Demographic reporting plugins for content management systems such as WordPress

2. Discover what interests your audience

To encourage candidates and employers to return to your site, make sure that you serve them with web content that they find valuable, relevant, and engaging. Using Google Analytics, identify your website’s average session duration and bounce rate. You should also determine the web pages your audience visits the most. This will give you clues on the type of content your web visitors find most compelling.

You can also take a look at the Interest Reports on Analytics. This will provide you with additional information about the other online interests of your prospects. 

3. Create high-quality content

Whether you’re writing a guide about landing a job in the middle of a pandemic or crafting an infographic about finding highly qualified candidates, make sure to give your 110% always. When you create high-quality content regularly, members of your target audience will be more compelled to return to your recruitment site. Also, they will likely share your content with others if they find something that piques their interest.

When creating content, select topics that job seekers and employers will find engaging. You can utilise the Keyword Planner tool on Google Ads to identify keywords and topics you can use. Don’t worry; you can still use this tool even if you’re not ready to run a Google Ads campaign yet.

When researching keywords and topics, you should focus on search terms or phrases relevant to your primary audience. But since your goal is to attract more web visitors, you can broaden your search to also target adjacent groups of people that may have something in common with your primary audience. 

4. Spread the word about your content

Did you know a piece of well-written content can still fail to attract web traffic? To ensure that all of your recruitment marketing effort and hard work won’t go to waste, you need to promote your content, especially if you think it will provide excellent value to your target audience. By spreading the word about your web content, you’ll be able to attract more traffic, which helps you build a bigger audience. 

a. Social media

When using social media, make sure to focus on areas where your audience is. For instance, if most of your web visitors are on Twitter or Facebook, see to it that you promote your content on these social networking sites. This will allow you to place yourself in a position where your target audience can easily find you.

b. Paid ads

You may also consider using paid ads to promote your content. By creating tailor-made ads for job seekers and employers, you can convince more people to visit your site.

c. Link building

Link building offers excellent opportunities to get your content in front of interested people. Convince a popular site to give you backlinks by creating unique content they can link to or writing a guest post.

d. Visitor engagement

There’s no one better to promote your site than your current web visitors. Therefore, every time you post new content, you should encourage your existing audience to share it with their family and friends. 

Growing Your Audience is a Must

Having a bigger audience can pave the way to more leads and conversions for your recruitment site. As such, make sure to follow the tips above to convince more people to visit your website and view your content.

Do you need help growing your audience? If you do, you’ve come to the right place. With extensive experience and knowledge of SEO and Google Ads, we at Recruitment Traffic can offer you the solutions you need. Contact us today, and we’ll create a bespoke plan that will help you attract more visitors to your site.

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