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Recruitment is seriously competitive. To get noticed you need to take full advantage of Google. We drive high quality traffic to the UK’s top recruitment agencies and help them to dramatically increase their leads.

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SEO - High volume longer lasting results

At Recruitment Traffic we work with recruitment agencies alone. We know Recruitment SEO inside out, and we know how this industry ticks. We understand the challenges you face and the best approaches to take. This means we provide quicker SEO results – in the most cost-effective way.

PPC - Targeted campaigns for instant ROI

Our Recruitment Pay Per Click campaigns provide enquiries from clients and candidates for your specific needs. PPC provides the highly targeted promotion needed to place your recruitment business in front of the eyes of those already searching for your specific services.

Recruitment Traffic – Supports the UK’s Leading Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment SEO & PPC specialist

We are specialists, working solely with recruitment agencies.

Reduce your marketing spend

Other marketing channels will waste your budget promoting to those who don’t need your services.

Get results fast

We know the quick wins that will achieve fast results in PPC and SEO.


Save time and money chasing leads

Get found by those already searching for your services, these are the hottest leads.

Complete communications approach

SEO / PPC services backed by marketing and online advertising.


Get targeted support to achieve results

Benefit from expertise focused on you achieving your specific goals.   

SEO, PPC or both?

For most recruitment agencies, the answer generally depends on your situation, your monthly budget and urgency for results.

SEO normally takes longer to achieve results but when they come they will be bigger and will cost less in the long run.

PPC will bring you instant results and allows us to build leads for any specific need, but it often costs more per visit compared to SEO.

For most, a combination of SEO and PPC will be the best fit. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a chat so that we can learn more about you and your aims.

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