22 Mar, 2022

Global Excellence Awards Recognises Recruitment Traffic as Recruitment Marketing Specialist

The last few years have been a huge challenge for many businesses because of the global pandemic. Closures imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were particularly hard on them because no customers meant no sources of income. But despite this, many persevered and even found ways to take their businesses and enterprises to the next level. And for that, they earned accolades from one of the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the world.

The Global Excellence Awards are AI Global Media’s flagship programme covering a wide variety of sectors and countries. Now in its sixth year, the awards have recognised and rewarded firms and individuals from different parts of the world who are top performers and leaders of innovation in their respective industries. This year, the Recruitment Marketing Specialist award goes to our company. We are so happy and honoured to get recognised.

Choosing the Best of the Best

While it is true that entering the awards programme is free, past nominees would agree that the process of securing an award from AI Global Media is not a walk in the park. Because award recipients are selected through a merit-based system, they must consistently demonstrate an excellent track record and a clear commitment to innovation. More importantly, they must go through an extensive and rigorous selection and judging process from AI Global Media’s in-house awards specialists to become a finalist.

The Global Excellence Awards’ meticulous and in-depth selection process ensures the winners are chosen according to their achievements and capabilities based on their proven performance over the last 12 months. This enables them to take pride in the knowledge that they rightfully deserve a place amongst the best of the best in the world.
While securing a Global Excellence award (or two) is a reward itself, award recipients can enjoy extra perks that go along with their victory. They can benefit from the massive exposure and marketing opportunities AI Global Media can offer.

AI Global Media’s Worldwide Reach

AI Global Media knows and understands how challenging it can be to create a thriving business and ensure its continued growth and success amidst these trying times. Because they themselves have worked hard to provide their clients with the best products and services, they found it prudent to honour and showcase firms and individuals who are doing their best despite the ongoing challenges.

For more than ten years, AI Global Media has been providing highly engaging and informative B2B content for and about businesses and individuals from a wide range of industries. Currently, they have 12 unique brands, each serving a specific region or sector. Their flagship brand, Acquisition International, is a monthly digital magazine with over 108,000 readers worldwide and covers the latest news and feature stories about the global corporate market.

Besides Acquisition International, AI Global Media is also home to LUXlife. LUXlife is a luxury-lifestyle magazine that provides high-net-worth individuals with the latest insights into products, innovations, and experiences that would enable them to enjoy the “high-life” to the fullest.

Are You the Next Global Excellence Awards Winner?

Indeed, the global pandemic and the challenges it brings has made running a business these days more challenging. But with programmes like AI Global Media’s Global Excellence Awards serving as a great source of inspiration, businesses and individuals would be more motivated to continue doing their best and finding ways to stay ahead.

So, do you have what it takes to be the next Global Excellence Awards winner?  


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