SEO Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Obtain More Visibility on Google

There is no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine today. Data showed that more than 3.5 billion searches are made on the search engine every day, and they continue to grow by 10% every year. 

As a recruiter, being accessible on Google should be one of your marketing priorities. Because your prospects are likely using the search giant to find jobs or new hires online, you’d want to be on the first page of Google to succeed. However, getting prominent placement on Google’s search result pages or SERPs is easier said than done. You’d have to exert some effort into making your website more search engine-friendly.


SEO Tips to Help You Get Popular on Google


To make your website more visible on Google, here are some SEO tips you should follow: 

1. Research your keywords

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Make sure to research and plan your keywords before writing blog posts, marketing content, and text for your webpages. Carefully choose the keywords or key phrases you think job seekers and business owners would use to find you online. Then, incorporate them into your page titles, content, and even the meta tags of your webpages.

When it comes to keywords, remember that more is not always better. If you put too many keywords in your content or webpages, you might receive a penalty from Google. Instead, stick to just one or two keywords per page. Also, use several keyword variations to cover more searches.


2. Go local

Consider going local and targeting audiences in specific locations. By adding geotags to your keywords and URLs, you can make your website more relevant. Also, it provides added value to your target audience, which can help improve not only user experience but your search ranking, as well.


3. Don’t forget about your meta tags

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Don’t leave your meta titles and meta descriptions blank when publishing webpages. Meta tags are essential on-page SEO elements because they tell Google what a particular webpage is all about. The search giant also uses them to determine if your webpage is relevant to a user’s search query.

Aside from this, meta tags also provide you with SEO opportunities. By adding recruitment or job-related keywords to your page titles and meta descriptions, you can make your website more pertinent and visible on Google.


4. Create unique web content

Whether you’re writing a blog post about crushing job interviews or the text for one of your recruitment pages, make sure that you don’t copy word-for-word from anyone else. Google is a giant anti-plagiarism tool. It even has dedicated software to discourage students and scholars from copying their homework or research papers. If Google finds that you just copied content from another website instead of creating something original, it could give you a penalty

Copying from yourself is a big no-no, too. One of the most vital SEO tips you should remember is that you must never use stock copy on your site. Ideally, you should create unique content for every webpage you own. Otherwise, the search giant would flag your site as “spammy.”


5. Get quality backlinks

Link building, or the process of asking other websites to link to yours, is an essential part of SEO. Not only will it help you drive traffic to your site, but it can also help you establish yourself as an expert in the recruitment industry.

There are several ways to obtain backlinks for your website. One is to create high-quality content that other sites can link to or use as a reference. The second method is to connect to your previous clients. If you have job seekers and business owners who were satisfied with your services, you can ask them to link back to your website.

A quick reminder, though. Make sure to get only quality backlinks. Avoid linking to websites with questionable reputation and those that utilise blackhat SEO. Otherwise, it could negatively affect your search rankings.


6. Create fresh content

Google loves fresh contentso make sure to update your website regularly. Even if you don’t have new job placements to post, you can keep your website updated by having a blog. With a blog, you can post articles, infographics, videos, and other pieces of content that can be useful to both job seekers and employers.

Apart from helping you obtain better search rankings, updating your website frequently can also help you generate more web traffic and attract repeat visitors.


7. Don’t obsess about Google

While your goal is to become more visible on Google, make sure you don’t obsess about the search giant. Ultimately, the one you want to impress is your target audience. As such, always strive to create high-quality and relevant content for them. Make satisfying your leads and prospects your top priority. One of the most crucial SEO tips to remember is: “Create for humans, optimise for search engines.”


Elevate your business to the next level

Being more visible on Google can give your recruitment business a significant boost. By obtaining good search rankings, you can attract more traffic and generate more leads for your business. Make sure you follow the pointers discussed above to enjoy a more search engine-friendly website.

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