20 Jan, 2022

How to Put Your Recruitment Agency Back on Track with Local SEO

Local SEO

It is undeniable how devastating the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is. As many businesses are closing down because of government restrictions, many recruitment agencies are having a hard time attracting potential clients to their door. If you’re one of them, you’re probably losing hope. But did you know that you can put your recruitment firm back on track with local SEO

If government restrictions are preventing people from visiting your recruitment office and seeking your services in person, why don’t you consider taking your business online? These days, many candidates and employers utilise the internet to find what they need because they cannot leave their homes. Therefore, you must create a substantial online presence so you can be where your prospects are looking. 

Taking Advantage of Local Search

Any experienced online marketing specialist will tell you that merely having a website is not enough. If you want to put your business back on the map after the pandemic, you will need to employ several online marketing strategies. These include local search engine optimisation. 

Local SEO is similar to standard SEO. The only difference is that local search engine optimisation is geared towards people from a specific region or location. For example, instead of targeting employers and job seekers all over the UK, you’re using SEO to attract those from Northampton and nearby places. While the audience may be smaller, it is more targeted and relevant. This increases your chances of converting a web visitor into a lead or even a client. 

How to Attract More Recruitment Clients with Local Search

Here are some useful pointers on optimising your website for local search to help your recruitment firm bounce back. 

1. Update your business information

If there are significant changes in your recruitment agency because of the pandemic, such as shorter operating hours or new contact details, make sure they are reflected on your website. This is to avoid confusion amongst your prospects. This will also ensure that they can easily reach you when they are ready to contact you. 

2. Set up a GMB listing to appear on the “Local Pack”

Having A Google My Business (GMB) listing is a must if you want to be more visible online. When you have a GMB listing, your business details will show up on what we know as the “local pack.” The local pack is a Google Search feature that provides details about local businesses related to a user’s query. It also includes a map of the local area where the featured businesses are found. 

Setting up a GMB listing is free. Just provide your actual location so Google can verify you as a legitimate business. Also, make sure that your company details, such as your address, contact information, and operating hours, provided on your listing are the same as those posted on your recruitment site. 

3. Add location pages to your site

If you serve multiple areas, it would be wise to add location pages to your site. This enables you to guide potential clients to your company. It also makes your recruitment services more accurate and relevant. More importantly, adding location pages to your site is more doable, convenient, and cost-effective than running multiple recruitment websites. 

4. Obtain quality backlinks and citations for your website

You will need to build your recruitment site’s credibility if you want to get it back on track. After all, the more credible your business, the more likely your prospects will trust you. To do this, you will need to build citations and backlinks to your site. 

A backlink is when a website links to yours. Having lots of quality backlinks tell Google that you’re a recruitment authority. On the other hand, a citation is an online mention of your business. To obtain quality backlinks, you should create content that other websites would want to link to. It is also a great idea to collaborate with local bloggers or submit a guest post to local publishers. As for citations, you should have your recruitment site listed on the most trusted local business directories. 

5. Ensure that your NAP is consistent

When listing your site on business or recruitment directories, ensure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent throughout. Research showed that inconsistent NAPs could hurt your local search ranking

Besides keeping your NAP consistent, here are a few tips you should consider: 

  • Don’t post your NAP info as an image. Otherwise, search engines won’t be able to crawl them. Instead, write it in an easily crawlable text format.
  • As much as possible, you should use an email address from your business domain (e.g. contactus@ABCrecruitment.co.uk) instead of those from generic email service providers, such as Yahoo and Gmail. This helps build trust and provides your business with more credibility.
  • Keep your NAP up to date.

6. Encourage clients to review your services

Reviews and testimonials contribute to local SEO because they provide social proof of how reliable your recruitment services are. More importantly, they encourage other employers and candidates to check out your business. 

Therefore, you should ask existing clients to leave positive feedback on your website. It also helps to contact business owners and job seekers you have assisted in the past and see if they can spare you a kind word or two. 

Overcome Business Challenges with the Power of Local Search

Getting back on your feet and finding more business is indeed a challenge these days because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, just because it is challenging, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t doable. By making the most of local search engine optimisation, you can get your recruitment business back on track without spending big on marketing

If you need help optimising your recruitment site for local search engines, we are happy to assist you. Please speak with us at Recruitment Traffic and let our team provide you with award-winning SEO solutions so you can generate more traffic and enquiries for your recruitment agency.

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