20 Oct, 2021

Creating Client-Focused SEO Strategies – 10 Practical Tips for Recruiters

SEO strategies

To generate interest or enquiries from your prospects, you need to impress them once they visit your web pages. Here are ten useful strategies for increasing your chances of meeting potential clients to help you with this goal.

Client-focused SEO strategies to help you attract, engage and convert leads to clients

1. Create specific landing pages for every service you offer

If you’re recruiting candidates for several positions, such as accountants, bookkeepers, and nurses, you’ll need separate pages for each job position. Each page should describe the job requirements, duties, and what kind of candidates you’re looking for. Also, don’t forget to mention why your agency is better at providing recruitment services than the competition.

This strategy works for two reasons:

  • You have a landing page for ‘junior accountants.’ When potential clients types ‘hire junior ‘accountant London,’ the search engine will lead them to your page. From an SEO standpoint, Google will also rank your website for that search term.
  • Once a potential client visits the page, it can strengthen your brand’s reputation for ‘finding junior accountants in London.’ 

When you’re creating these pages, make sure to:

  • Write a minimum of 500 words.
  •  Avoid using too many keywords. Each page should have no more than three per cent keyword density. You can check it by dividing the keywords by the total word count, multiplied by 100.

2. Maintain separate landing pages for each industry

While this strategy can provide opportunities for industry-related keywords, they are also critical advertising tools. In the landing page, you can tell visitors how you intend to assist clients within their industry. It’s a kind of story-telling tactic that could persuade potential clients to pick up the phone or email you.  

3. Create a location page for each office including directory citations

Creating a location page for each office is an effective local SEO strategy. Location pages act as regional homepages and increase your site’s chances of ranking well once people within the local area start searching for your job offers.  

The next step is to build local directory citations for every location page. While this strategy may take some time, the benefits to your recruitment business are immeasurable. Start working on the directory listings with the higher domain authority first.

4. Obtain an SSL certificate for your website

Here’s one of the most vital client-focused SEO strategies you should prioritise. SSL-certified websites assure Google, clients, and candidates that your site is trustworthy and secured. Since it’s also a ranking factor, make sure that your website includes the ‘HTTPS’ protocol. Without it, you’ll find it difficult for your site to appear on top of the search engine result pages.

5. Optimise your site for various screen sizes

While it’s true that many people, including job candidates, use mobile devices for visiting websites, most clients use desktop computers. Often, the screen sizes used are either the 15-inch (1366×768 resolutions) or the 23-inch (1920×1080) variety. You can use various online tools to ensure your site’s compatibility with every possible screen size.

6. Have your contact details ready

It’s like handing out a calling card to potential clients. You want people to contact you quickly by every means possible. It’s also advantageous to include a contact form on every web page. If it’s not possible, a clear call-to-action button can do the trick.

7. Improve your site’s loading speed

Slow loading pages make it difficult for you to attract potential clients. Almost 50% of visitors are likely to leave if it takes more than three seconds to load your website. Optimise your site’s speed to increase its search ranking and enhance the overall user experience for both clients and candidates.

8. Design an ‘About Us’ page for impressing prospective clients

You need to prove to clients that your company is better than the competition. Your staff page can help convince them. Make sure to incorporate photos of your staff with a brief but engaging bio. This can convince potential clients that you’re the best in the industry.  

9. Create a well-optimised GMB listing

If you’re offering recruitment services to local businesses, you need a Google My Business (GMB) profile. It’s a free and effective way of verifying your physical address. Once your listing is approved, you can further optimise it by adding logos, images, and content.

10. Encourage reviews

Many clients consider reviews as similar to personal recommendations. If your website has only a few reviews or none at all, you should obtain as many as you can. You can request and encourage reviews from both clients and candidates. If feasible, add some video interviews as well. It’s a strategy that can boost your credibility as a recruiter while showing social proof.

Take Away

These are the ten techniques that can help a recruitment agency create strategies focused on your client’s success. While some are easier to implement than others, using all of these tactics can give your business a boost. The main objective of the SEO elements is to tell potential clients why your recruitment company is a leader in the industry.

These strategies will take time to plan and implement. If you need assistance in carrying out these strategies, you can reach out to us here at Recruitment Traffic. We can provide advice and insights that will help your SEO campaigns. 

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