16 Apr, 2021

How to Convert Web Traffic into More Recruitment Leads

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Having a significant amount of web traffic coming into your recruitment site is undoubtedly a win for you. However, it’s only half of the battle. You still need to convert them into leads or clients successfully. Research revealed that a good conversion rate is from 2% to 3%. If there are, let’s say, 100 people who visited your site, two or three of them should have signed up for your services or left you their contact details. 

5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Converting visitors into recruitment leads or even clients can be challenging. However, it is a necessary part of your online marketing strategy as it helps you expand your client base and ensure the growth of your business. Here are five tips to help you convert web traffic into leads or clients. 

1. Get rid with the unnecessary form fields

Make sure to get rid of unnecessary form fields in your site or landing page as they could discourage potential clients from enlisting your recruitment services. Believe it or not, many job seekers and employers are willing to fill out an online form. However, some of them may be reluctant to complete the task when they see that they need to fill out dozens of required fields.

As such, review your online forms and remove the fields that aren’t too important. This will encourage your prospects to complete your online forms and give you valuable data. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain all the vital lead information that you need. 

2. Include customer reviews and testimonials

Some candidates or employers may be reluctant to sign up for your services, particularly if you don’t have customer reviews or testimonials. It is because it gives them the impression that they are your first client, and some people don’t like being the first to try a company’s service. 

Therefore, make sure to always add client reviews and testimonials to your landing page or website. You can also display the logos of the companies you have served in the past. This will reassure your prospects that they are in good company.

Social proof, such as reviews and testimonials, help convince people they are choosing the right recruitment firm. It also puts their mind at ease, which encourages them to enlist your recruitment services. Aside from that, using client testimonials also contributes to your site’s SEO. It enables you to create user-generated content and build authority. At the same time, it tells Google that your website is trustworthy. 

3. Keep your visitors focused

Make sure to remove any distractions from your website or landing pages to keep your prospects focused on your offer. Keep your landing pages simple and straight to the point. Also, ensure that they are easy to navigate. Ideally, your landing pages should only contain the following elements to ensure that nothing will draw your prospects’ attention away:

  • Headline
  • Subheadings
  • Features or benefits of your offer
  • Reviews and testimonials from your previous clients
  • A brief description of your offer

4. Keep the first step simple

Most of us don’t want to leave things undone. Even if no rewards are waiting for us, we strive to finish something we started just for the satisfaction of being able to complete the task. To improve your conversion rates, therefore, you should take advantage of our innate need to complete tasks. You can do this by making the first stage of your sales funnel easy to accomplish. The simpler the initial step is, the bigger your chance of converting a casual visitor into a lead or a client. 

For example, let’s say you’re sharing an industry secret to finding the best employee so you can attract employers that require recruitment services. To convince a potential client to give you their contact details, you can ask them to provide their email address instead of requiring them to complete a lengthy form. Once they do, you can send the rest of the form/questionnaire via email. Even if they don’t fill out the form, you’re still at an advantage because you have their email address. 

5. Always use a compelling call to action

If you want your prospects to take your desired conversion action, make sure you always use a compelling and persuasive call to action (CTA) in your website or landing page. Instead of the generic “Sign up” or “Start Now,” consider changing your CTAs to something that starts with the word “yes.” This strategy will help you transform casual visitors into recruitment leads and significantly improve your conversion rates and .

For example, if you’re offering an ebook or sharing some recruitment tips in exchange for your prospects’ emails, you can write your CTAs like this: “Yes, I want my ebook!” or “Yes! I want to know about recruitment secrets.” Writing your call to action this way is more effective than the usual CTAs because it puts a positive spin on your offer, which creates a favourable psychological impact on your target audience. 

Convert Web Visitors into Leads

Always remember that attracting web visitors is just half the battle. You also need to convert them into leads or even clients successfully. As such, make sure to consider the tips discussed above so you can improve your conversion rates.

At Recruitment Traffic, we can help you develop a strategy that will allow you to attract high-quality web traffic and convert them into qualified leads. Contact us today, and our team of experienced SEO and Google Ads experts will create a bespoke digital marketing strategy just for you.

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