13 Jul, 2022

What Are the Common Blogging Mistakes Recruiters Must Avoid?

Blogging Mistakes

Quality web content is one of the primary ingredients of SEO. After all, without web content, Google won’t be able to index and rank your site. This is why blogging is an essential SEO task that can help increase your chances of seeing a positive return on investment by 13 times.

Blogs are a huge help for recruiters like you. When done correctly, they can help drive traffic and generate leads to your site. At the same time, they can help you establish yourself as a recruitment authority, which can help you gain your prospects’ trust and ultimately help you grow your business. 

Don’t Make These Blogging Blunders

Blogging, however, is not as simple as it seems. In fact, even the most experienced marketers can fail to harness the marketing prowess of blogs. To make sure that you’ll get better results from your efforts, we at Recruitment Traffic are sharing with you the common blogging mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Writing about topics that only interest you

True, it’s easy to write about topics or ideas that interest you. However, just because you find something engaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same is true for your target audience.

Always keep in mind that the reason you’re creating a blog is to help solve your audience’s problems and show them your recruitment expertise. For this reason, you should select topics that are relevant to the recruitment industry. Also, they should be able to answer questions or concerns your prospects may have. If you can’t figure out what to write about, consider your company’s goals and come up with ideas that can help you achieve them. 

2. Failing to create a “marketing persona”

Commonly known as a buyer persona, a marketing persona represents your ideal clients based on the information you obtained from your existing prospects and clients, as well as from the data you got through research. Because of the numerous benefits it can offer you, failing to create a marketing persona before creating content is one of the biggest blogging mistakes you can make.

A marketing persona can make it easier for you to create content for your recruitment site. It allows you to bridge the gap between your content and the things that matter the most to your prospects. Using a marketing persona, you can improve the effectiveness of your blogs and other aspects of your marketing campaigns. 

3. Taking yourself too seriously

Indeed, providing quality recruitment services is serious business. However, taking yourself too seriously, particularly when writing blogs, can affect how your audience consumes your content. To make your writing more engaging, write as if you’re talking directly to your prospects. Don’t be too stiff. Make yourself more approachable.

If you want to keep your audience interested in whatever you have to say, ensure that your writing is easy to read. Avoid the excessive use of industry jargons. Also, don’t be afraid to reference popular culture if it’s relevant to the topic you’re writing about. 

4. Choosing very broad topics

Avoid making the mistake of writing about broad topics because it can be challenging to answer all the questions about them. Instead, write about something more specific. While specific topics often attract smaller audiences, the people drawn to them are usually more likely to become leads or even clients. As such, blogging about a particular subject instead of a general idea can significantly help improve the quality of your leads.

Here’s a quick example. Let’s say you want to write about finding a good-paying job amid the pandemic. Instead of providing solutions to all candidates, why don’t you focus on a smaller segment of your audience? For instance, you can offer advice for job seekers in the hospitality sector instead of targeting all kinds of candidates. 

5. Your writing is all over the place

As we mentioned earlier, it’s essential to ensure that your blogs are readable. Otherwise, your audience is less likely to read them until the end. Since most people these days are busy, have shorter attention spans or both, you must organise your post in a way that will make it easier for them to digest your content. Otherwise, you’ll be making one of the most crucial blogging mistakes

It helps to create an outline of your post before getting down to writing. It lets you organise your thoughts and present them clearly and concisely. At the same time, it helps you break up your post into smaller, digestible paragraphs instead of large chunks of text, which is useful not only for your audience but also for your recruitment site’s SEO. 

Unleash the Full Marketing Potential of Blogs

Blogging is an effective way to showcase your recruitment expertise. At the same time, it helps you engage your audience and optimise your site for Google and other search engines. To ensure that you’ll get the most out of your blogs, see to it that you avoid the common blogging mistakes discussed above.

At Recruitment Traffic, our goal is to help recruiters like you leverage the power of Google to attract more traffic and leads. If you need help writing blogs or optimising your recruitment site for search engines, we’re always happy to lend you our expertise. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your SEO strategy.

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