Actionable SEO Advice for Recruiters

These days, more and more people are using the Internet to find employment because it is easy, fast, and convenient. Similarly, employers are utilising the same strategy to find qualified professionals to fill vacant positions in their organisations. This is why if you’re in the recruitment business, it makes sense to take the necessary steps to ensure that both employers and job-seekers can easily find you online. Good thing this is something search engine optimisation (SEO) can help you with. 

But how exactly can recruiters leverage the power of SEO to obtain more leads so they can achieve their business goals? 


10 Tips for SEO Success

With intense online competition these days, only having a website doesn’t guarantee that your target market will easily find you and sign up for your services.  There are things you should do to gain your audience’s attention and trust. To help you achieve your goal of attracting more clients, here are some SEO tips you should consider. 


1.  Create a mobile-friendly website

With more people accessing the Internet through smartphones and other mobile devices, it makes sense to have a mobile-friendly website. This way, your target audience will be able to visit your website no matter where they are. This, in turn, will help increase your chances of attracting more leads. However, to ensure that mobile users will stay on your site long enough for you to make a conversion, you should optimise site structure and design, images, content, and page loading speed amongst others. 


2.  Go local

To obtain more organic traffic, consider running a local SEO campaign. Going local involves working on local listings to attract job-seekers and employers. For instance, instead of targeting potential leads all over the UK, you should target specific cities or regions to make your campaign more accurate and relevant. 


3.  Conduct keyword research

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Find out how users can find you or your competitors online by conducting keyword research. This will help you identify the keywords and key phrases people are using to find recruitment services on the Internet. By incorporating these keywords into your website and web content, it will be easier for your target audience to see you on the Internet.


4.  Create fresh, useful and interesting content

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Speaking of content, make sure that you offer content that your target audience will find helpful and interesting. For this reason, you should consider having a blog. But before you start creating blog posts, make sure you conduct thorough research so you’ll know what sort of topics your audience would be interested in. Also, make it a point to post new content regularly. Because Google loves fresh content, keeping your blog fresh and updated is a great way to obtain good search rankings. 


5.  Build traffic

Organic traffic is essential to meeting your online marketing goals. For recruiters to generate organic traffic online, you must ensure that you are targeting the right audience. Apart from running a blog, there are many ways to build traffic for your site. For example, you can conduct link building or publish guest posts on authority sites to obtain backlinks. 


6.  On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is the process of modifying individual web pages to obtain more relevant traffic and better search rankings. It involves both the content and the HTML source code of the web page. There are many strategies you can use to make each page on your site more search engine-friendly. These include improving page loading speeds, linking relevant pages together, adding keywords to the meta description and title tags, and improving overall user experience. 


7.  Use the right terminologies

Use the proper terminologies when targeting specific segments of your audience. For example, if you want to gain the attention of job seekers and employers in the health care sector, you should use terminologies and phrases that are unique to that industry. This will make your web content more relevant to your target audience. 


8.  Use social media

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Social networking sites, such as Linked, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provide many opportunities for businesses to share informative and relevant content with their respective audiences. This is why you should consider leveraging the power of social media to expand your online reach. For example, you can encourage your readers to share your posts on social media to generate more traffic and attract more potential leads. 


9.  Watch out for your titles and headers

Because your titles and headers are the first things your audience will see when visiting your site, you should write them in a way that can easily capture their attention. Also, don’t forget to include the appropriate keywords in your headlines to make them more relevant and search engine-friendly. 


10.  Connect with other recruiters

Connecting with other recruiters by publishing a guest post on their site is a great way to obtain external links, which can help generate traffic for your website. It is also an effective way to build trust in your niche or industry.



Search engine optimisation is a massive help to recruiters like you. By using the best SEO practices, you can expand your online reach and make your website more relevant to your target audience. At the same time, it helps you attract more leads, allowing you to build a long list of job seekers and employers who require your recruitment expertise. 

At Recruitment Traffic, our goal is to help recruitment businesses leverage the power of SEO to create brand awareness and find more leads and candidates online. Contact us today to obtain the SEO solutions you need.

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