12 May, 2021

Lead Generation: How Recruiters Can Attract Leads for Their Talent Pool

Lead Generation

Many recruiters know that building talent pools is an essential recruitment strategy. But first, what is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of creating, distributing, and promoting content to multiple channels to convince prospective candidates to take action.  

Who are the leads, and what are the benefits of generating them?

In the recruitment industry, leads are the prospective candidates who fit your clients’ employee persona for SEO profile. One of your goals as a recruiter is to generate as many potential candidates as you can. This will increase the chances of your clients obtaining the best talents for vacant positions.

The strategic and competitive benefits of a candidate talent pool include:

  • The hiring process is shortened.
  • The cost per hire is lowered.
  • It strengthens your client’s brand.
  • High quality of the candidates

How do recruiters generate leads today?

Here are the ways:

1. Blogs

It’s a type of content that has proven to be the most popular among candidates and clients. Today, blogs are considered a critical part of a recruiter’s website. Both candidates and clients regard blogs as pieces of relevant information.

How do blogs bring in leads?

At the end of each blog, you can either offer the candidates to apply for open positions or join your talent network.

2. Networks

While candidates may be interested in a job offer, it doesn’t mean that they ready to apply for the position. However, these people are suitable for your talent pool. They are the ones who can fill in future openings.

Aside from offering jobs, persuade the candidates to join your talent network. You can provide forms they can fill out with a simple but clear Call-to-action (CTA) button.

If there are available positions, you can engage the people in your network and convert them into job applicants. You can position the ‘Join our network form’ in various places on your website, including:

  • End or bottom section of a blog
  • Every page on your website
  • LinkedIn profile – yours or the client’s
  • Social media posts or Facebook career page

3. Guides

Writing guides is another effective lead generation strategy. For example, you want to attract people who could be potential job candidates for an accounting position. You could write a guide on ‘How to obtain an accounting position that will improve your career prospects.’ Those who read this article are often qualified candidates interested in applying for the open position.

How can guides attract leads?

You can place the guides in your blogs or social media. You can encourage potential candidates to download it in exchange for their contact details, such as email address or phone number. 

4. Online and offline events

Webinars can attract potential candidates for any job offers, no matter their location. When conducting a webinar, keep in mind the kind of job seekers you want to attract and engage. For example, you can raise topics such as:

  • How to write an exceptional CV
  • What can a potential employee expect from a particular employer?
  • Value proposition highly valued by employees and employers
  • How to become an expert in a specific job
  • Difference between a good and a great employee
  • Stories from current employees of a client

There are many more topics that can attract interested candidates to your webinars. However, make sure that the webinar can convince them to join your talent pool.

You can also conduct local events where you meet candidates in person. It’s a cost-effective approach that can reach many who’ll fit your client’s requirements.

5. Paid Ads

Google Ads and other forms of digital advertisement are also handy for recruiters. If you don’t have a substantial social media following, obtaining leads could be challenging. Consider placing ads on platforms, such as Google or Facebook. It can help you attract a decent amount of attention and potential candidates. You can also use the ads to attract a specific talent for your network.

6. Surveys

Surveys can provide information that can help you attract prospective candidates. For example, you can show your research regarding the salary range of a specific position and area. You could offer such valuable insight in exchange for contact details.

You can then send an email and present a job offer with better pay and working environment than the one they currently have.

7. Email outreach

Cold emails could help you attract potential candidates. If you have a list of prospects, you can send an email and convince them to:

  • Join your talent network
  • Watch your webinar
  • Attend a local event

 8. Reach out to previous candidates

Once a position is filled in, many recruiters tend to forget the unsuccessful candidates. Why not consider inviting them to your network? However, you need to be tactful when approaching them.


Creating a talent pool can help you fill open positions quickly. However, inviting interested candidates to your network can take time and effort. To attract and engage them, you’ll need to implement various methods ranging from blogs and webinars to surveys and email outreach.

If you need insight into generating leads for your talent pool, give us a call at Recruitment Traffic. We can help you choose and implement the best way to generate leads for your recruitment company.

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