5 May, 2021

How to Boost the Performance of Your Recruitment Meta Descriptions

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Meta tags are essential on-page elements of your recruitment website. While search engines, such as Google, don’t use them directly as a ranking factor, meta tags have a hand in improving your site’s search ranking by helping boost your click-through rate or CTR. In search engine optimisation, having a high CTR is crucial to your website’s. Not only does it increase your chances of landing on the first page of Google, but it also helps you obtain more leads.

Of all the meta tags, meta descriptions are among those who give your SEO efforts a great push. They can help you attract more clicks and visits, mainly when they are well-written. 

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Meta Descriptions

Your recruitment meta descriptions serve as an advertisement of sorts on Google. As such, you must write them in a way that would convince your prospects to click and visit your webpages. Here are some tips you should consider.

1. Put a 160-character limit on your descriptions

A few years ago, Google increased the number of characters you can use for your meta descriptions to 300. Although the search giant has given you the freedom to create longer descriptions, it’s still best to stick to a 150 to 160 character count.

While it can be challenging to convey your message with a limited character count, it encourages you to keep your descriptions concise and straight to the point. At the same time, it ensures that your descriptions will show up correctly and not be cut off in Google search result pages.

2. Showcase your value proposition

Tell your audience what’s in it for them when they visit your webpage. By showcasing your value proposition in your meta descriptions, your prospects are more likely to click on your search result listing.

If you’re having a hard time identifying your webpages’ value proposition, here’s a quick tip. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should I visit this webpage?
  • What can I get from it?

Try to make your value proposition different from those of your competitors. To make better descriptions, take a look at the competition and compare your descriptions with theirs. Then, make the necessary improvements.

3. Create warm and friendly descriptions

Always ensure that your recruitment meta descriptions sound warm and welcoming. This way, the members of your target audience are more likely to click on your link. Also, make sure to check for grammar and spelling errors. There’s a risk that your prospects won’t check out your webpages if they see poorly constructed meta descriptions.

It also helps to create descriptions that are coherent and easy to understand. When adding keywords to your descriptions, make sure you do it sparingly, or it would discourage your audience from clicking your link.

4. Don’t forget your call to action

As mentioned earlier, your meta descriptions can serve as your advertisements on Google and other search engines. To ensure that they would attract as many clicks as possible, you should always include a call to action. If your prospects know what to do, they are more likely to visit your webpages.

5. Do some name dropping

It helps to add names of former clients and suppliers, as well as certifications you have received previously, to your meta descriptions. This could make your company more trustworthy and credible. However, pay attention to your character count. Also, ensure that you’re using only alphanumeric characters since Google usually removes descriptions with double quotations marks.

6. Pay attention to Google Ads

When it comes to placement in search result pages, you’ll notice that Google often prioritise paid ads more than organic search results. Therefore, you have to ensure that your organic search listings are of high quality so they can compete with paid ads. Monitor the ads that are being displayed along with your search listings. Then, tweak your descriptions so they wouldn’t look too “sales-y”. This should help you gain an advantage over Google Ads.

7. Support your descriptions with quality content

Don’t let your recruitment meta descriptions do all the work. They still need the support of well-written content. Therefore, ensure that quality content awaits your prospects when they click on your search listing on Google. By backing your meta descriptions with quality content, you can: 

  • Establish yourself as a recruitment authority
  • Build trust
  • Increase your search ranking
  • Improve your bounce rate

8. Keep track of your descriptions

Because SEO is an on-going process, you should keep a close eye on the performance of your meta descriptions. Create more than one description for each webpage and conduct tests to see which of them works well with your audience.

Keep Your Meta Descriptions Optimised

Similar to the other essential parts of your recruitment website, your meta descriptions contribute to your SEO efforts. By optimising your meta descriptions for search engines, you can help improve your search rankings, attract more traffic, and generate more leads.

At Recruitment Traffic, we provide a wide range of SEO services tailored for recruitment firms, including optimising your meta descriptions for Google. Contact us today to obtain the solutions you need.

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