1 May, 2020

How Can Recruiters Make Use of Google’s COVID-19 Ad Credits?

Google Ad credit

No doubt, the COVID-19 crisis has negatively affected many businesses, including recruitment agencies. Fortunately, Google has a gift for entrepreneurs and professionals, such as you. The search giant is distributing $340 million worth of Covid-19 ad credits. Those eligible for this credit include small and medium-sized companies and active advertisers since 2019. If you’re eligible, here are some insights on how to make use of the free ads.

1. Remarket or reconnect with previous clients and candidates

Your ads may have previously brought in clients or candidates. However, the deal didn’t push through somewhere along the way, or the candidate didn’t get the job.  With the free ads, you can run a remarketing campaign to bring them back.

You can run the ads and show them to people who previously visited your website or have interacted with. Your ad will most likely show the specific job or service that they are interested in at that time.

Your remarketing campaign can also target previous clients or candidates who have availed of your services. However, you may need some tactful dealing with former clients or candidates who may have grievances against your company. 

2. Launch a display advertising campaign

If your recruitment business is new, it may take time to obtain those conversions. What you need to do is create brand awareness. With the free Covid-19 ad credits, you’ll have time and the resource to collect impressions and attract visitors.  

Once you’ve gathered the needed online traffic, you can follow it up with a remarketing campaign. You can drive those visitors back to your site and convince them to hire you or submit their resumes.  If you need graphics for the ads, consider using your own or take the one from Google Ads.

3. Test the ads on a new target audience

Perhaps you’re thinking of expanding to a new niche. However, you’re not sure if that market is as profitable as you expect. Fortunately, with the free ads, you have the resources to attract new candidates or clients. 

If your recruitment website has been up for some time, you probably have some critical insight into:

  •       Who your target audiences are
  •       The problems faced by the clients or candidates

If you’re targeting several audience groups, you can use the free ads to determine which ones are most likely to enlist your services.

4. Test the ads on a new service

If you have a new service to offer to clients or candidates, the free ads can help you promote them. Craft a specific ad about your new services and place it on Google Ads. Any reaction or engagement from those ads will tell you if there is significant demand for the new service you’re offering.

5. Conduct local recruitment SEO campaign

Even if you’re offering jobs nationwide, it pays to create ads that target people within a local region. It’s an excellent strategy that’s more relevant during times when travel is restricted.

The local ads can also help you gather some information about where your potential candidates are coming from. With the relevant data on hand, you can use it to optimise your ads and services.

Take Away

Google Ads are often excellent investments for online businesses. That’s why you can’t ignore this free offer. Take advantage of the ad credits to help you recover some of the lost business during this pandemic.

The free Google Ads will be useful in the next few months once the health crisis is over. However, if you’re unsure of how to use the credits, Recruitment Traffic can help you.  We’ll ensure that you make good use of the free advertisements.  

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