6 Steps to Blogging Success for Recruiters

Recruitment has evolved considerably over the years; nowadays, lead generation is often digital. This makes it vital to develop a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that drives traffic to your website. Blogging plays a pivotal role in recruitment online marketing, enabling your company to position itself as a voice of authority in the industry.

To maximise the impact of your content marketing, and ensure that your hard-earned exposure results in leads – and, ultimately, conversion – let us explore some of the key steps you should take when publishing blogs on your website.


1. Share on LinkedIn

With so many recruiters competing for attention, it pays to establish yourself as a thought leader. To expand your reach and spark a conversation, make sure you’re pushing out blogs on your social media channels – particularly LinkedIn.

It’s worth mentioning that your recruitment online marketing strategy should be adopted by everyone in your team; if all of your recruiters are able to like, share and publish thought leadership content, the impact will be substantial.


2. Send to your subscribers

Of course, not all of your clients and candidates will be on social media, and keeping in touch is vital if you want to remain their first port of call. To this end, consider incorporating a brief summary of your blog in your newsletter or lead nurturing campaigns, as a way to add value and reinforce your expertise to subscribers.


3. Build an internal link network

As your archive of content grows, there will likely be some topics where posts can complement and support one another. Use this opportunity to improve your link network, hyperlinking popular old blogs to new posts and vice versa. This will boost your search engine visibility, particularly if you use varied, keyword-rich anchor text.


4. Encourage interaction

While the ultimate call-to-action is to contact your recruiters, sometimes this might feel inappropriate for the subject in question. Here, you can instead encourage readers to share their thoughts in the comments section.

By receiving and responding to comments, you will boost the post’s visibility on Google… and maybe even secure some prospects along the way. The same goes for social media – take the time to thank those who share or comment on your post. 


5. Repurpose content

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving; it can be difficult to keep up with your content strategy every time new stories or legislation hit the headlines. To this end, repurpose content when you can, updating and revising it to suit the issues that matter to your network from one year to the next. But be careful not to duplicate content completely as Google prefers original content.


6. Measure performance 

All of the above will, in essence, be meaningless if your recruitment online marketing doesn’t deliver results. So make sure you have the ability to measure performance – for example, you could create tracking links for social media shares.

Measuring performance – both in terms of your keyword ranking and your agency’s wider KPIs – will allow you to refine your strategy so that it achieves the right outcomes.

Hopefully the following steps will give you an insight into how a few small tweaks to your blogs can drastically improve the ROI of your recruitment online marketing efforts.

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