26 Mar, 2021

Why Creating Regular Content is Important in SEO Recruitment


For many recruiters, providing relevant and high-quality content consistently is an SEO recruitment strategy that helps them stay competitive. Search engine giant Google treats recruitment sites differently since most of your pages are composed of job postings. Other than that, your website will need to follow the standards set by search engines. You need to convince Google that your web pages are worth visiting.

What kind of content format works for you?

You can employ a variety of content ranging from blogs to how-to articles. The primary purpose of producing content regularly is to prove your expertise and authority. A website is a convenient platform for publishing content and showcasing your knowledge with the aid of SEO. 

However, for many website owners, the tricky part is deciding what to write. There are several formats you can choose, such as:

  • Long-form writing pieces – Usually well-written and thoughtful articles
  • Short-form – blogs
  • List of items – listicles
  • How-tos – offers advice on a specific topic

Listicles and how-to are easier to write. Blogs and articles, however, will require research and must conform to some writing standards.

How to come up with content ideas

Deciding what to write can be a challenge, but the best way is to start the ball rolling. First, think of a general topic and write it down. Next, provide your insight by looking it at another angle.  Here are some examples:

General theme: London firms are hiring more accountants this year compared to last year

Angle: Is the booming economy the reason why many London companies are hiring accountants? 

General theme: CFOs see bright career paths in the banking sector

Angle: Three major industries competing with banks for talented CFOs

Each example started with a general approach that was seen from another viewpoint. However, how can you come up with such topics? Here are some techniques you can apply:

Take into consideration any conversations you had in and around the workplace. It may lead you to an issue that has never been talked much about.

What do people discuss during their breaks? Not all of them will be idle chatter. Some of them are probably serious issues that many will discuss in depth. For instance, there is much talk about the lack of candidates for specific job positions in a particular industry. As a recruiter, you can find out

  • Why is it happening?
  • What’s the reason for the lack of interest?
  • What could encourage candidates to consider the position

Another excellent place to look for relevant topics is through social media. You’ll need a few moments to discover the latest trends on Facebook or Twitter. It’s similar to your interaction at the office but with a bigger audience. Pay attention to the conversations and topics that are generating significant interest. Even if it’s not related to recruitment, perhaps there’s a way you can link it to your content?

However, don’t forget that any content you write should appeal to your target audience. Don’t waste your time writing about the top ten uses of cheese if it has nothing to do with your recruitment service. You’ll unlikely generate interest from potential clients or candidates. Instead, find or stick to your niche and discover who’s reading your content.

Essential content tips to remember

One crucial SEO recruitment rule is never to repeat the same content. Many recruiters see copy-pasting bits of previously published material as a quick and effective way of increasing their content volume. However, Google can detect such actions and the penalty is often reduced ranking. If you have two or more pages with the same content, re-word them to make them different in Google’s eyes.

Write new content that’s different from the usual recruitment topics. 

If you visit other recruitment sites, you’ll notice that most have the same material, blog and article themes, such as:

  • How to write a resume or CV
  • How to prepare for your job interview

While you’ll likely write the same topics on your website, you can present them in a different but better manner.

It’s a disservice to write topics and content that’s already common knowledge to your readers. Instead, act as a friend offering exceptional and insightful advice to your audience.

Take Away

Successful recruitment sites share many things in common. One of them is the regular update of their web pages with relevant and unique information. Remember, content will not only boost rankings but also establish your brand as a leader in the industry. To achieve such status, make sure to provide relevant and helpful advice. It will convince clients and candidates that your brand has the expertise and experience for helping them.

Writing regular and relevant content is one way to improve recruitment SEO ranking. However, it’s also essential to select a suitable content format and type for your website. If you need insight on how to proceed forward, consider contacting us at Recruitment Traffic. Aside from optimising your content, you can also obtain valued advice in other areas of your SEO campaigns.  

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