8 Oct, 2021

What Recruiters Must Know about the Google MUM Algorithm Update

MUM Algorithm Update

Are you aware that Google has released yet another AI-powered search algorithm? The MUM algorithm update is a thousand times more powerful than the previous BERT update, which was released in 2019. But what makes this specific algorithm update different from its predecessors? And why recruiters like you should care? 

Dissecting the Google MUM Update

Launched in June 2021, the Google Multitask Unified Model or MUM update aims to provide users with an improved search experience by fulfilling modern search demands. It is designed in a way that users need not perform multiple searches to compare information and gain deeper insights into a particular topic. 

What makes Google MUM different from previous algorithm updates is that it can understand and provide search results based on textual content and data from images, videos, and audio content, such as podcasts. It can also understand 75 languages, which means it can gather and deliver results in different languages and from sources in other countries. 

The Importance of Google MUM to Recruiters

Based on numbers, the MUM update is visibly faster, farther-reaching, and more thorough than Google’s previous algorithm tweaks. Similar to BERT, it can interpret the meaning of words in a way humans can. However, it is far more capable than its predecessor because it can combine information from various sources and languages to answer more complex online queries. 

These qualities make Google MUM vital to recruitment companies wanting to expand their presence online. To ensure that the web content you’re offering will satisfy both Google and your target audience’s requirements, you must reinvent your current SEO strategies and do more than just produce content with the right keywords. 

How the MUM Algorithm Update Changes the SEO Game

Indeed, the MUM update is quite powerful, and it will undoubtedly benefit searchers and online marketers in many ways. For online marketers and business owners, such as recruitment businesses, it provides them with a better understanding of user intent. This enables you to create better and more audience-friendly content for job seekers and employers, boosting your online authority and credibility. 

On the other hand, the MUM update offers users more accurate and relevant search results. Job seekers and employers need not conduct multiple searches to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Besides the benefits mentioned above, Google’s latest algorithm update can also deliver other advantages. These include: 

1. Providing industry expertise and translation

Thanks to MUM’s ability to understand and find results in 75 languages, using Google in the future is similar to having your own expert and translator. The update allows Google to provide users with more localised and comprehensive information about a specific topic. What’s more, these added details are translated into a language they understand. 

Google MUM also provides recruiters like you with better access to international content. Although it means more competition for you, it enables you to gain more localised insights and responses from your audience. This can come in handy when creating new services and content, especially if you want to target foreign audiences. 

2. Answering complicated online queries

A thousand times more powerful than BERT, Google MUM certainly packs quite a punch as far as Google’s search algorithm updates go. It also uses the T5 text-to-text framework, which will give the search engine more processing power. Because of this, the search engine can now answer online queries that don’t have a straightforward answer. 

3. Providing more diverse content

Google MUM is significantly more intelligent and capable of understanding nuances than its predecessors. Thanks to the algorithm’s improved capabilities, search result pages will now feature more diverse yet relevant content. 

The recent update also makes it possible for users to find answers to comparison-style questions without doing multiple searches. For instance, let’s say you want to know the difference between London and New York City’s population. Typically, you’d have to research the cities individually. But with Google MUM, all you need to do is perform a single search. You can also receive other information that may be relevant to your search. 

Is Your Recruitment Site Ready for Google MUM?

Indeed, the MUM algorithm update can significantly change the way we use Google in the future. This is why if to ensure that your recruitment site will remain optimised for the search engine, you will need to make a few adjustments. 

1. Always create high-quality content

With Google placing more importance on user intent than keyword placement, it certainly pays more to continue developing web content your audience will find helpful and valuable. However, you should also look for opportunities to create tangential links. This will help ensure that your content will appear for comparison-type queries and related topics. 

2. Include other forms of media in your content

Make sure to incorporate images, videos, and audio files in your textual content, especially now that Google can better understand these media types. 

3. Incorporate multilingual SEO in your strategy

If you have plans to tap into foreign audiences, you should consider adding multilingual SEO to your overall digital marketing strategy. This should help your content go head-to-head against those written in other languages. 

4. Add structured data to your pages

The AI-powered Google MUM is expected to get stronger as it learns more from users’ search habits. This is why it helps to incorporate structured data into your web pages to help the search engine understand your content better. 

Always Stay Updated

As you know, Google wants to provide users with the best and most accurate search results. This is why the search giant is constantly tweaking its search algorithms, including launching the MUM update, to achieve its goal. As a recruiter, it would do you well to stay updated and follow Google’s lead. By making the necessary improvements, you can be sure that your recruitment site will remain Google-friendly. 

If you need expert assistance, our team at Recruitment Traffic will help ensure that your recruitment site is ready for Google MUM. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss how we may assist you. 

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