30 Jun, 2021

What is SEO Content? Hints and Tips on Creating Search Engine-Friendly Content for Recruiters

what is seo content

You can pour your heart and soul into creating the best and most comprehensive guide on finding a job or hiring the perfect candidate. However, it won’t necessarily guarantee that it will drive a significant amount of traffic to your recruitment site. To generate the results you’re expecting, it’s also vital to optimise your content for search engines. 

SEO Content Explained

If you’re new to the SEO game, you’ve probably come across the term “SEO content” many times during your research. But what is SEO content exactly? What makes it different from your run-of-the-mill web content or blog post? 

As the name implies, SEO content is a piece of web content written to help you generate traffic for your site. The ‘SEO’ in SEO content refers to search engine optimisation, the process of optimising your site for search engines, such as Google. 

As a recruiter, creating exceptional SEO content is essential to your overall online marketing strategy. Besides helping you attract organic traffic, it enables you to: 

  • Find leads for your recruitment business.
  • Rank on search engines.
  • Establish a significant online presence.
  • Build credibility and industry authority. 

How to Write Quality SEO Content

Here are the steps to writing search engine-friendly content: 

1. Identify your preferred content format

When writing content for SEO, you’d want to have a variety of options to choose from. Creating diverse content enables you to target different segments of your audience. Here are a few examples: 

  • Articles/blog posts – you can write about the latest news in your industry or provide a quick guide on a wide range of topics related to recruitment.
  • Pillar pages –these are often more comprehensive and significantly longer than articles or blog posts.
  • Infographics – they combine text and visual content to educate and entertain your audience. Highly shareable, they are a great help when presenting data-heavy information.
  • Videos – making up a huge chunk of search results, they are a great addition to your repertoire. 

2. Perform keyword research

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is SEO content?” you’re probably itching to write a post for your recruitment site. However, before you do that, you should determine the keywords you need to use in your content. You can do this through keyword research

Keyword research is an essential SEO process as it helps you determine more than the keywords you need to target. It gives you insights into the type of content that appeals to your audience. More importantly, it allows you to get to know job candidates and employers better by giving you a glimpse into their mindset, thoughts, worries, and fears. 

3. Understand search intent

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, adding the most relevant keywords to your content is not enough to give you good search rankings. You should also understand your audience’s search intent, or what motivates them to perform an online search. If your content doesn’t match your audience’s search intent, it is less likely to rank on search engines. 

To determine your drives your audience to perform a specific online query, take a look at the top-ranking results of your target keyword and analyse the following: 

  • Content type – Are the top-ranking search results blog posts or articles? If most of the results are landing pages or something else, you should perform keyword research and choose a different topic or keywords.
  • Content format – Find out what type of posts rank well. Are they listicles, videos, how-tos or something else?
  • Content angle – Check out the page titles or headlines to determine the type of person searching for your target keywords or topic. This will help you determine what they need, whether it’s a quick solution or a more comprehensive guide to solving a specific problem. 

4. Create your content

What comes next after knowing what is SEO content and doing all the preliminary research? Once you have identified the topic you want to write about, the keywords you want to rank for, and the type of content format you want to use, it’s time to create SEO content. To make the process much easier for you, here a few tips you should consider: 

  • Create an outline to make your post more coherent.
  • Write as you speak. Using a more conversational tone will make your post less stiff and more engaging.
  • Always edit and proofread your content after writing. It will reflect poorly on your recruitment business if your blog posts are filled with grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Include images in your posts to make them more attractive and engaging.
  • Make your posts more reader-friendly by breaking up long texts into smaller paragraphs and using subheadings/bullet points. 

5. Don’t forget to write a meta title and description

Google and other search engines don’t just rely on the text on your webpages to determine what they are all about. They also consider your pages’ meta tags. As such, make sure to write a compelling title and description before posting your content. 

Besides helping your content rank on search engines, meta tags can also help increase your conversion rate. Because your meta title and description show up on search result pages, you can use them to explain to your audience why they should visit and check out your post. 

Optimise Your Recruitment Content for SEO

Creating content is a great way to demonstrate your recruitment expertise and earn your target audience’s trust. However, creating well-written content isn’t enough to get you on top of search result pages. It’s also crucial to write SEO content if you want to obtain more traffic to your recruitment site. Follow the tips discussed above to make your content more search-engine friendly. 

Don’t have the time to create SEO content? We can take this task off your hands! Besides creating SEO content for you, we at Recruitment Traffic can also provide you with a wide range of SEO solutions to make your recruitment site more visible online. Speak with our team today and let us show you how we can help.

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