Google Analytics tool is a huge help when it comes to improving the performance of your recruitment site. It tells you which part of your website needs adjustment so you can provide visitors with better user experience. Aside from that, it also gives you a glimpse into the online behaviour of your prospects.

Just recently, Google announced that it had released a new version of Analytics called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). So what is Google Analytics 4 exactly? Basically, it’s the latest iteration of the search giant’s free web analysis tool that offers new and powerful features designed to help recruiters and business owners like you obtain a higher return on investment from your online marketing campaigns.

Check Out Analytics’ New and Powerful Features

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is Google Analytics 4?” the next thing you need to know is what makes it different from its predecessors. According to Google, GA4’s new features are added to help marketers and business owners make better online marketing decisions. They are:

  •     AI-powered predictive insights
  •     Deeper integration with Google Ads
  •     Better reporting and cross-device measurement
  •     More granular data controls 

1. Better AI-powered predictive insights

As you may know, Google Analytics already offers AI-powered insights. However, its newer version took things to the next level. GA4’s machine-powered predictive insights can send you automatic alerts about useful data trends, including increasing demand for the services you are offering online.

Besides these automatic data trend alerts, GA4’s more improved insights also allow you to predict outcomes, including potential revenues you can earn from a particular segment of your audience. This capability can help you foresee actions your prospects might take, thus, allowing you to determine which part of your audience you should focus on. 

2. Deeper integration with Google Ads

Running Google Ads is an effective way to target both candidates and employers since this marketing platform enables you to create tailored ads for specific groups of people. If you’re using this platform to promote your recruitment services, you’ll be happy to know that it is now deeply integrated with the latest version of Analytics.

Here’s how it works. For instance, let’s say a job seeker qualifies for your audience list because they performed a job search online. Then, they found your site and signed up for your services. To make sure that you won’t retarget that particular candidate with your Google Ads later on, GA4 will automatically update your audience list to remove their name.

Besides Google Ads, GA4 will also start providing more in-depth reports on actions taken from YouTube engaged views that occur within the video-sharing platform’s app or web version. 

3. Improved reporting and cross-device measurement

Unlike its previous version, Google Analytics 4 has a more organised reporting system. In a recent interview, Google Analytics Group Project Manager Russell Ketchum revealed that they had reorganised all GA4’s reports around the “customer lifecycle.” They also make several additions to the platform’s reporting capabilities.

GA4 can help you develop a better understanding of your audience’s journey. For example, the acquisition report can help you pinpoint the channels that are bringing you more leads. Then, using the engagement and retention reports, you can identify the actions your prospects are taking before and after you convert them into clients.

GA4’s improved reporting system can also provide you with a more holistic view of how your prospects interact with your business when using different channels and devices. You can provide your user ID or let Google Signals duplicate users across various devices. 

4. More granular data controls

With the introduction of data regulations in various parts of the world, such as GDPR and CCPA, site owners must now be extra careful when obtaining and handling the personal data of their web visitors. Fortunately, Google Analytics 4 has made it easier for recruiters and business owners like you to comply with the rules. 

a. Consent mode

GA4’s consent mode is designed specifically for websites that are required to seek permission from their visitors before they can gather analytics data. Also, it allows you to create separate consent opt-ins for your Google Analytics and Google Ads.

b. Data deletion

The previous incarnation of Google Analytics already has data deletion capabilities. With the latest version, however, the search giant has made more improvements. For instance, GA4’s data deletion feature has a preview mode that lets you see and confirm the data you want to delete before proceeding with the action. This enables you to comply quickly and easily with deletion requests from your visitors without having to get rid of unnecessary data.

Meanwhile, Google said we are likely to experience data scarcity in the coming years since third-party cookies are slowly becoming out of style. Therefore, the search giant said it would utilise machine learning to ensure that Google Analytics will continue to provide all the vital information marketers, recruiters, and other business owners need to get better ROI. 

Want to Switch to the New Google Analytics?

You can still use the old Analytics if you want. However, Google is encouraging everyone to give GA4 a try and run it in parallel with its predecessor to get more accurate data. Meanwhile, if you’re going to set up a new website or any other web property, GA4 will become your default web analysis platform.

If you want to switch to the newer version of Analytics and take it for a spin, we can help. At Recruitment Traffic, our award-winning team of SEO and Google Ads experts can provide you with the assistance you need to take advantage of the opportunities Google can offer. Contact us today and let us help you obtain high-quality traffic and leads to your recruitment site.

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