Why It’s Important To Understand Website Visitor Bounce Rate

These days, many potential leads or clients use the internet to find the perfect recruitment agency and that’s one big reason to develop an engaging website; to have a good chance at conversion.

Your visitors aren’t likely to understand the message you want to convey if you can’t get them to keep browsing your website. This is when bounce rate comes in handy. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after viewing just a single page.

In recruitment marketing, a high bounce rate is an indication of poor site engagement. It means you’re not providing the information your visitors need or that it is not interesting enough so they don’t bother exploring your site.

This is why it’s important to know and understand why your bounce rate is high. This will empower you to make improvements that help meet your visitor’s expectations, improve their experience and increase your leads.

Does this mean all bounces are bad?

No, but it can be really hard to tell. For instance, if someone finds your blog post and reads it, then closes the window, then that is considered a bounce. On the other hand, if a visitor finds your blog post, didn’t read it but opens another page in your site then that is not a bounce. As you can see, it doesn’t make sense that the person who actually had a worthwhile visit contributed to increasing your bounce rate.

We recommend that you pay closest attention to the bounce rate of the pages whose purpose is to direct visitors to other pages within the website. Examples would be your jobs listing or blog category or landing pages.

As a rule, a high bounce rate on these types of pages means that you failed to deliver an attractive and convincing proposition. This pretty much amounts to a recruitment marketing failure.

To understand more about bounce rates and how it can affect your recruitment website, talk to our team at Recruitment Traffic today.

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