5 Mar, 2021

The Importance of Local SEO to Recruiters

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In late January, we noticed some visible changes in Google’s local search algorithm. The last time Google updated its local search algorithms was in November 2019, but the search giant only confirmed it the following month.  As a result, people in SEO forums are wondering if the recent changes are the product of a bug or an update.

What is Local SEO from a recruiter’s perspective?

When changes in local searches occur, SEO experts like us here at Recruitment Traffic take notice. Whether you’re a new or established recruiting company, you should consider doing the same. Google has made great efforts to make the local search results relevant to users. This helped many people obtain clearer and more useful answers, which often encouraged them to take prompt action.

What’s the importance of Local SEO? Almost eight out of ten local searches end in a phone call. Such an excellent result is hard for recruiters to ignore. Typically, potential clients would visit the agency nearest their location first. For recruiters, it makes face-to-face meetings easier to set up since your prospects are nearby.

Local SEO is your means to increase your presence in local search engines. For example, Google can pinpoint the location of your prospective clients and candidates based on their registered IP address and if they are using mobile or tablet devices. The search results will then prominently feature the local businesses on the top page. If Google is aware that you’re operating in a particular area, your chances of appearing in local searches could also increase. 

What benefits can you gain from Local SEO?

1.   You’ll face fewer competitors

Vying for the top spots in the national searches could be challenging since you’re competing with a significant number of competitors. Also, there’s no guarantee if most search results will result in engagement with clients or candidates.

If you optimise your recruitment site for local searchers, you’ll only reach a smaller demographic. However, you’re reaching out to a more specific target audience. By focusing on local searches, you can increase the likelihood of attracting clients and candidates near your place of business. 

2. You can save money

SEO campaigns cost money. Fortunately, with Local SEO, you can achieve excellent results but at a lower cost. Once you finish optimising your website for local search engines, you’ll only need minimal resources for its maintenance and monitoring.

3. Obtain more local traffic and visibility

The challenge for both new and well-established recruiters is how to gain and maintain market visibility. Traditionally, companies will sponsor local events or advertise in print media. While such methods can be successful, they are often time-consuming, and there are no guarantees for their success.

In contrast, correctly implemented Local SEO strategies can yield the same results – making you visible to prospective clients and candidates. Also, such approaches can be quantified and measured by reliable tools, such as Google Analytics. 

How can you make local SEO work for your recruitment agency?

Indeed, the importance of Local SEO to your online marketing strategies cannot be stated enough. Here’s how you can make it work for your company.

For example, let’s say you own FinExpert Recruiters, a London-based recruiting firm that specialises in helping financial service professionals find employment. If you’re a new firm, your main challenge is to make yourself visible to prospective clients and candidates within London and its surrounding areas. Afterwards, you need to reach out and engage those who are interested in your service. You can achieve these goals by optimising your website and using local SEO strategies. Making your site Local SEO-friendly also allows search engines to recognise you as a legitimate London-based financial service recruiter.

If your efforts are successful, FinExpert Recruiters will appear once searchers type ‘financial service recruitment companies in London.’ In addition, you can even appear in generic search terms, such as ‘financial service recruitment companies in the UK.’

Even if attracting clients and candidates in your locality is not your primary objective, Local SEO can still provide your company with certain advantages over your competitors. Sending strong signals to Google regarding the nature and location of your recruitment service can also boost your rankings for general yet relevant search terms. 


Local SEO is the new frontier for gaining market visibility and revenue for many businesses, including recruitment agencies. By incorporating local search tactics in your overall digital marketing strategy, you can boost your search rankings with lower costs or fewer competitions. Such benefits are more than enough reason for you to engage in local optimisation.

While it can be simple to implement Local SEO strategies, you can also reach out to experts for help to achieve better results. At Recruitment Traffic, we provide valuable insights into creating local SEO tactics suitable for your recruitment efforts. Consider reaching out today, and we’ll help you achieve excellent local search rankings.

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