12 Apr, 2021

Recruitment Traffic Bags Best Recruitment Lead Generation in the UK Award

best recruitment lead generation in UK

The last couple of years had been a challenge for many of us. Because of the global pandemic, we have faced many difficulties and are still facing challenges as we adjust to the new normal. Despite all of this, there are silver linings that motivate and inspire us to continue moving forward. 

For us here at Recruitment Traffic, our silver lining comes in the form of recognition from a highly prestigious international award-giving body. We are proud and delighted to inform you that we have been recognised for providing the best recruitment lead generation in the UK yet again at the 2021 AI Business Excellence Awards. The “Recruitment Lead Generation Specialists of the Year – UK” award was presented by Acquisition International (AI), a UK monthly magazine with more than 100,000 readers in over 170 countries. 

What Is the AI Business Excellence Awards?

For those who didn’t know, the AI Business Excellence Awards is an annual award-giving programme. It recognises businesses, companies, and enterprises in different parts of the world for their resourcefulness, innovation, and determination to excel in their sector despite the various challenges they are facing. This year’s award ceremony was the eighth of its kind. 

Award winners are chosen from a pool of nominees submitted by AI’s magazine subscribers, clients, web visitors, and social media followers. They may also come from those nominated by interested individuals who want to honour and recognise third-party enterprises or someone from their own company. Awardees are selected based on merit and announced following an investigation and vetting process conducted by AI’s in-house research team. 

Best UK Lead Generation Specialists for the Second Year Running

After being lauded for offering the best recruitment lead generation in the UK last year, our team is ecstatic and genuinely honoured to receive the same recognition, especially in light of our current situation. As you know, many people have lost their jobs or businesses due to the various restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a company specialising in providing tailored digital marketing services to recruitment companies and individuals, we are happy to have the opportunity to help members of the recruitment sector weather the challenges that many of us are experiencing today. 

Being recognised for offering bespoke search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads services amidst these trying times is undoubtedly a huge source of inspiration and motivation to us. It underscores our hard work and dedication to helping recruitment companies in the country make the most of the opportunities search engines can offer, especially now when people have come to rely on Google more than ever. 

A Vow to Continued Excellence

According to Acquisition International, Recruitment Traffic have “demonstrated excellence and commitment” to providing top-notch lead generation services. Similar to all of this year’s winners, our company has continued to show everyone what it means to deliver quality digital marketing solutions and provide our clients with services they can count on amidst the rapidly changing economic and social climate. 

As part of our commitment to excellence, we at Recruitment Traffic will continue to do our best to provide “all-inclusive” solutions that enable UK recruitment agencies to attract more client and candidate opportunities. We vow to offer only the best lead generation services that help drive highly targeted traffic and leads to recruitment websites. 

Do You Need the Help of Lead Generation Experts?

Being recognised as the best in recruitment lead generation in the UK certainly inspires us to continue improving our craft so we can lend our expertise to recruitment companies, such as yours. If you require our assistance, you can talk to us anytime. Our team of SEO and Google Ads experts will create a digital marketing plan tailored for your business so you can make the most of client and candidate opportunities Google and other major search engines can offer. 

Please speak with us today and let us show you what makes our services one of the UK’s best! 

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