How to Make Sure You’ll Get Quality Recruitment SEO Support

With stiff competition and Google’s ever-changing search algorithms, managing an SEO campaign can be too much for recruitment companies. This is why many businesses and organisations opt to leave search engine optimisation to the experts. By delegating such a complicated and time-consuming task, they will have more time and energy to focus on finding qualified individuals and helping companies fill in job placements. 

However, do take note that not all SEO consultants are created equal. Being in the business of assessing the capabilities and qualifications of people and matching them with a company that needs their expertise, you probably understand this better than anyone. As such, if you’re considering obtaining the services of an SEO expert, it’s important to lay out some groundwork to ensure that you’ll get the results that you’re expecting. 


1. State clearly what you want

Help our SEO experts help you by telling them exactly what you want. Be specific with your requests and deadlines so they will know what to expect. Before choosing an SEO firm, consider writing a thorough description of your project, as well as your business and the services that you offer. The SEO firm can use this to draw a relevant proposal. 

With a written proposal, it will be easier for the two of you to discuss the specifics of the project. It can also help you gauge the SEO specialist’s readiness and capability to assist you. More importantly, it allows you to state your goals, demands, and expectations early on. This will help prevent misunderstanding and miscommunication in the future. 


2. Look for customer reviews or testimonials

If you want to be sure that you’ll get high-quality SEO services, check the SEO consultant’s track record. You can do this by knowing what their previous customers have to say about their performance. 

Reliable SEO experts, like us here at Recruitment Traffic, know how important customer reviews and testimonials are. Aside from helping websites rank, positive customer reviews also act as social proof that the services they are offering are reliable and of high quality. Therefore, before hiring an SEO specialist, you should take the time to check their website for customer reviews and testimonials. If they are doing a good job, it should be easy for their former and existing clients to put in a good word for them. 


3. Ask about their methods

Apart from showing you some client testimonials, a good SEO company should have no problem discussing their methods in detail with you. They should be able to explain the strategies they would use to improve your site’s search ranking and give you a realistic estimate of the time they need to meet your SEO goals. 

To ensure you’ll receive quality recruitment SEO support, ask for a written proposal. Apart from the methods they will use to make your site more search engine-friendly, the proposal should include an audit of your site. They should discuss the problems they discovered and offer the appropriate solutions. 

Don’t forget to ask if they are familiar with Google’s webmaster guidelines, too. You’d want your SEO consultant to abide by the rules implemented by search engines. Otherwise, your website could get banned from search engine result pages or SERPs.  


4. Be aware of the changes made to your site

The SEO specialist will inevitably make changes to your site, especially if it has poor search rankings. These changes could include some coding modifications and small alterations to your web content. 

Before the SEO firm modifies your site, ensure that they discuss it first with you. Find out why these changes are needed and how will they improve your site. If you don’t agree with some of the modifications, let your consultant know as soon as possible so you can discuss possible alternatives and identify the best solution. 

Always remember that open communication is vital to getting effective and efficient SEO services.


5. Discuss the fees and payment terms

Both you and the SEO specialist should understand right from the start how much you’re willing to invest in the project. This is particularly important if you have a limited budget. 

The cost of SEO services usually varies depending on the scope, length, and complexity of the project. If you want to know how much hiring a specialist would cost you, do some market research and determine the average price for the type of SEO service you require. 

Apart from the cost of the SEO services, you should also know how the consultant would like to get paid. Is it hourly, by retainer, or by the project? This way, you can ensure that the person or company you’ll hire will get paid on time.


6. Draw up a contract

A contract is essential in any business transaction as it helps both parties protect their rights. It also helps them determine what they can expect from each other. 

When drawing up a contract, discuss key items such as the cost of services, deadlines, work methods, and what happens if the contract is terminated prematurely. It should also clearly specify that once the project is completed, the SEO specialist should not remove or change any piece of content they added or optimised.  


Final Thoughts

Recruitment companies would certainly benefit from the expertise of SEO specialists. Whether they require help with setting up PPC campaigns or improving the flow of organic traffic to their site, asking the experts for assistance allows them to save time and effort. 

However, both parties need to set the ground rules and discuss their expectations early on. This allows them to establish a good working relationship that can help guarantee positive results. 

At Recruitment Traffic, our goal is to help recruitment companies leverage the power of SEO to attract more traffic and generate more leads. Contact us today and let’s discuss the solutions you need. 

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