How to Create Top-Performing and SEO-Friendly Career Pages

As a recruiter, it is your job to ensure that your website has an excellent and high-quality career page. It is because a well-written career page can easily convince a potential candidate to apply for a job or join your talent pool. If you have this valuable tool, generating more leads for your business is a walk in the park. 

While it is not rocket science, creating a highly useful career page is not as easy as it looks. There are things you must consider and steps you should take to ensure your success. Fortunately, you’re in good luck. Today, we’ll discuss the vital elements of SEO-friendly career pages. 


SEO and Design Elements Your Career Pages Must Possess

Whether you’re creating a career page from scratch or redesigning an existing one, here are the essential SEO and web design elements you should incorporate in your career pages. 


1. Enticing and SEO-friendly job ads

To encourage candidates to click on the apply button or leave their contact details, you should make your job ads as convincing as possible. Apart from highlighting the position you want the job seekers to fill in, the ads should also provide the necessary information about the job vacancy in question. This will help candidates determine if they are indeed suited for the vacant post. 

At the same time, the ads should paint an engaging picture of life at the company they wish to join. This would further entice the candidates to respond favourably to your call to action (CTA). 

Beyond creating convincing job ads, you also have to optimise them for search engines. Because dozens of recruiters are also vying for the attention of potential candidates, it’s vital to create SEO-friendly career pages. It will give you more online visibility and make it easier for your target audience to find you on the Internet. 

You can optimise your career pages for search engines by adding relevant keywords to your job ads. Doing keyword research will help you identify what search terms you should incorporate in your job ads. Apart from the body, it would help if you also put the appropriate keywords in your headlines and subtitles. 


2. Videos

Watch the Film Image

Consider incorporating videos into your career pages, as well. Videos provide another way to engage your target audience. Plus, they make it easier for you to discuss life at your company or highlight the job vacancy you’re trying to promote. 

From an SEO perspective, videos help improve your online visibility. Users are more likely to click on video links on search engine result pages or SERPs. Also, videos are more likely to get more organic search rankings because there is less competition amongst them as compared to plain text. 


3. Custom landing pages

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll make is sending potential candidates to your homepage after they click on the CTA button of your career page. Not only does this create confusion amongst your prospects, but it also hinders conversion. 

Therefore, ensure that each of your career pages has a dedicated landing page depending on the type of job seekers it is targeting. By creating tailored landing pages, you can reach candidates on a much deeper level, which improves your chances of converting them into applicants. 


4. Relevant images

Make sure you have your target job seekers in mind when choosing photos for your career page. This way, the group or groups you’re targeting will feel represented. If they can easily picture themselves in their new work environment, they are more likely to send you their application. 

To make your career pages more SEO-friendly, see to it that your images have the correct file size. If they are too big, they could slow down the loading speed of your webpage. This is something you should avoid since page loading time is an essential search ranking factor. Also, don’t forget to include keywords in the file name of the images to optimise your photos for search engines.


5. Streamlined application process

Often, many job seekers abandon the application process because it is either too frustrating or too cumbersome. As such, ensure that your SEO-friendly career pages have a streamlined application process. This way, all the effort you put into enticing job seekers to click the “Apply Now” button won’t go into waste. 

Start by making it easier for everyone to fill out the application form on your career pages. Also, avoid putting too many irrelevant fields in the application form to help job seekers save time. Most importantly, ensure that the applicants can easily find your form once they click on the CTA button.



Any recruitment expert can benefit significantly from a well-crafted career page. This is why you should put in extra effort into creating or designing your career pages. Make sure to follow the pointers discussed above to get better results. 

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