How Recruiters Can Promote Their Business during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Also known as COVID-19, the novel coronavirus disease has significantly affected the health, mental wellbeing, and even the livelihood of many people. As governments across the globe impose quarantines and lockdowns to contain the disease, businesses are in a race against time to find ways to ensure the survival and growth of their business amidst the health crisis. 

Although the United Kingdom has yet to implement quarantine measures, it would be wise for recruitment agencies to make the necessary preparations to ensure their operations would continue unhindered if and when a lockdown does occur. 


Coronavirus Outbreak Marketing Tips for Recruiters

COVID-19 is predicted to cause significant economic damage in different parts of the globe. However, despite the gloomy outlook, it is possible for businesses, recruitment firms included, to grow and thrive. This is proven by many companies that survived and even managed to succeed despite the economic recessions and natural disasters that occurred in the past. If you’re wondering how you can help your recruitment agency grow amid a global pandemic, here are some pointers to help you out.


1. Plan your strategy

The coronavirus outbreak is expected to last for a few months. For this reason, you must ensure that your company has enough funds to last you for two to three months. Having sufficient funding can be a significant help, especially if your area has been placed in quarantine. 

You might be thinking about reducing your operating hours or even ceasing operations altogether amidst a lockdown. However, this is not necessary since you can ask your employees to work from home. This simple strategy is worth considering because it allows you to reduce your operating expenses while helping you ensure the health and safety of your employees. 

It would be best if you also took the time to promote your recruitment services actively instead of hiding away. With more people stuck in their homes during a lockdown, it would be much easier for you to contact candidates you can add to your talent pool or even potential clients you can offer your services. 


2. Utilise digital marketing strategies

Since it’s vital that you use your funds wisely, especially when quarantine measures are imposed in your location, it would be wise to switch to digital marketing strategies to promote your business. This is particularly helpful if your company is still using traditional marketing methods to find clients or candidates. 

When switching to digital marketing, one of the things you should do is first study your current advertising strategies. Then, cancel those you think won’t work in the current situation. For example, instead of having a small job fair to find candidates, what you can do is run advertisements on Google. By running Google Ads, you can find leads to qualified job seekers and at the same time, help prevent the spread of the virus. 


3. Increase your organic search ranking

If you’re already using digital marketing strategies to attract leads for your business, it certainly helps to improve your website’s organic search ranking further. With people using the Internet now more than ever, getting on the first page of Google would give your recruitment business a huge boost. 

Improving your site’s organic search ranking can help expand your reach, which increases your chance of finding more leads. Also, it allows you to establish a solid online presence and build your brand’s credibility. 

In particular, using on-page SEO strategies can help you raise your site’s search ranking. These strategies include updating your webpage titles and meta descriptions, as well as adding H1 headers to your content. Updating your web content and backlinks can also help since having a frequently updated website sends a positive signal to Google, which improves your online visibility. 


4. Hire content creation experts

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Is writing content not your forte? To save time and money, you should consider outsourcing content creations tasks to an SEO company, like Recruitment Traffic. With SEO experts handling this particular task, you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality content that targets both job seekers and employers. 

Working with SEO professionals also enables you to reach out and get in front of your target audience while they are stuck at home. This allows you to build strong relationships with customers that could last even longer than the novel coronavirus outbreak. 


5. Adapt to changes

Businesses often fail not because of unexpected changes or unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 outbreak. They fail because they are either unwilling or incapable of handling change. To succeed, therefore, you should know how to adapt to changes. This would allow you to position yourself where your target audience is, generate more leads for your business, and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not. 


6. Take advantage of technology for your communication needs

The novel coronavirus disease is highly contagious, so it would be wise to have certain measures in place to protect your employees and your clients/candidates from it. One way to do this is through the use of communication technology. 

For example, instead of meeting clients or candidates face to face, you may use video call or teleconferencing. By taking advantage of the latest technology for your communication needs, you can meet your business goals and ensure everyone’s health and safety. 

At Recruitment Traffic, we have a 100% remote working team. We have used this strategy for many years to grow our business. We know exactly how to help businesses grow while working remotely. If you need any advice, we are happy to offer you tips and tricks so you can achieve the same amount of success we are enjoying. 


Always Expect the Unexpected

In this time of uncertainty, it certainly pays more to be always prepared. Because we cannot precisely predict what the future brings, it would do us well to always expect the unexpected. To ensure that your recruitment business will grow and thrive amidst the coronavirus outbreak, you should make sensible business and marketing decisions. Be proactive and double-down on what works instead of hiding away and cowering with fear. 

History shows that it is possible to survive and thrive amidst a major economic or health crisis. This is why you should always remain positive. The virus outbreak will pass, so make sure you hold your head high and keep your eyes on the prize. 

At Recruitment Traffic, we can help you take advantage of the power of Google so you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Contact us today and discover how you can help your recruitment business grow amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

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