21 Jan, 2022

How Online Reputation Management Service Providers Can Help You Get Rid of Negative Reviews 

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These days, getting scathing reviews from disgruntled clients can be a death sentence, especially for fledgling recruitment agencies. With many people relying on the Internet to find the products and services they need, negative feedback can prevent them from finding more potential clients. Good thing you can always obtain an online reputation management service and employ the right strategies to ensure that negative reviews and lousy press won’t stop your recruitment business from attracting more candidates and potential clients. 

How to Eliminate Negative Press with Online Reputation Management

Also known as ORM, online reputation management combines traditional and search marketing to help brands and businesses build and maintain an excellent reputation online. A vital aspect of ORM is monitoring and managing search engine results to safeguard one’s reputation and credibility against negative press and online exposure. 

 ORM can be quite handy when dealing with bad online publicity. As many ORM service providers like us at Recruitment Traffic would tell you, there’s a simple yet effective way to prevent a bad review from showing up alongside your recruitment company on search results. You should create enough content so the negative reviews will be pushed down until they are no longer visible on the first page of Google. 

To ensure that your strategy will be effective, make sure to take the following preliminary steps: 

1. See where the negative reviews are coming from

First, you should determine where the negative reviews are located, whether they are coming from a third-party review site, posted on your GMB page, or published on someone else’s blog. 

2. Find out if it’s just a single review

Note that one person can create several negative reviews about your recruitment business and post them on various websites or platforms. As such, verify if you’re dealing with single negative feedback or multiple reviews from single/different individuals. 

3. Contact the review sites

If the reviews are published on a third-party site, you can contact and ask them to remove the unfavourable client feedback about your business. Most review sites would be willing to accommodate your request, as long as the negative reviews meet the following requirements: 

  • A fake account created the reviews.
  • The reviews use profanities.
  • The reviews are utilised as a negative marketing strategy to promote another recruitment site.
  • Personal information is included in the reviews. 

Removing Bad Press with the Help of Online Reputation Management Service Provider

What if the bad review you received doesn’t meet the requirements stated above? What if there’s also an article critical of your business and it’s published on a news site? If this is the case, it certainly helps to seek expert assistance. 

Online reputation management experts can employ a wide range of strategies to ensure that people looking for your services won’t see the negative press about your recruitment site on search results. Here are some of them: 

1. Optimising your website

If your recruitment site has thin content, your online reputation managers will likely improve the content of your web pages, particularly your “About Us” page. It is also common for them to add an organisation and address schema to your About Us page and point it to your social profiles. 

2. Optimising your GMB listing

An optimised Google My Business (GMB) listing can help you get on top of local search results, especially if you’re keen on attracting more candidates and employers from a specific location. There are many ways to optimise your GMB page. You can post photos of your recruitment company and create write-ups about your services. 

But most importantly, your online reputation managers will ensure that your GMB listing contains your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). They will also ensure that your NAP details are consistent throughout your main site and social media pages to tie all of your web properties together. This way, when a potential client searches for you online, one of your web properties will show up on top of search result pages instead of the negative review. 

3. Ensuring that you have plenty of positive GMB reviews

Google will always show its review stars on search results before those from other review sites. Therefore, your online reputation managers will help you obtain more customer reviews on your GMB listing to bury the negative ones you received. 

4. Optimising your social media pages

Optimising your social profiles by updating relevant details about your business and ensuring that they are consistent throughout will help boost their chances of appearing on top of search result pages. 

5. Claiming the video carousel

Your online reputation managers may also suggest that you create a YouTube account and post at least three videos about your recruitment business. Because of how popular videos are, they are more likely to show up on search result pages. Also, they can take advantage of the video carousel on top of search results. 

6. Optimising other web properties

If you have other online assets, such as related websites, it is an excellent idea to let your SEO team optimise them and add more relevant details to their About Us page. This will help ensure that the updated information about your business will appear on top of search results rather than the negative review. 

7. Publish guest posts on your behalf

Google often prioritises content from trustworthy and popular websites and gives them a higher search ranking. Therefore, your online reputation management team may also do guest posts on authority sites to help you get rid of the negative review from the first page of Google. 

8. Obtaining business citations

Acquiring business citations is an effective link building strategy that lets you improve your recruitment site’s authority and allows you to attract referral traffic. At the same time, it may also help eliminate negative press about your recruitment agency from search results. If your SEO proposes this strategy, ensure that they will acquire business citations only from the most prominent online business directories. 

9.  Helping you attract good reviews on authority sites

As you may know, Google values quality more than quantity. This is why your online reputation managers may use strategies that will enable you to attract positive feedback on review websites with more authority than the one where the negative review is published. 

10. Link building

Many online reputation management service providers utilise link building because it is an effective way to prevent lousy press against your business from appearing on top of search result pages. What’s more, building quality backlinks can also add more authority to your site and enable you to generate more referral traffic. 

Always Seek Professional Help

With many job seekers and employers using the Internet to find the job opportunities or talents they need, building a solid online presence is vital to your recruitment business. However, an excellent online presence is not enough to guarantee continuous success. You should also manage your online reputation carefully to prevent negative press and unfavourable client reviews from hurting your image and credibility. 

At Recruitment Traffic, we can help you build a robust online presence while ensuring that your reputation remains flawless. Please get in touch with us and let us create a bespoke plan for your recruitment company. 

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