15 Apr, 2020

Google Offers Free Ad Credits to Recruiters and Other Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has dramatically affected not just ordinary people, but also businesses across the globe. A study by the International Monetary Fund, or IMF, revealed that the pandemic has ushered in a global economic recession as shops and businesses were forced to close or cut their hours of operation to help prevent the spread of the virus. Its economic damage is expected to worsen as confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in different parts of the world. 

However, despite the economic uncertainties the global pandemic brings, various companies and organisations are doing their part to help small and medium-sized businesses weather this storm. One of them is Google. Just recently, the search giant has revealed it is helping out business owners, including those who own recruitment agencies, so they can continue to engage their clients and grow their companies. 

Google Provides Free Ad Credits

Google is currently giving away $340 million worth of ad credits to small and medium-sized enterprises, including small-scale recruitment firms, across the globe. Qualified businesses can utilise the free ad credits across various Google Ads platforms until they expire at the end of 2020. This relief programme is a part of a more comprehensive initiative launched by Google to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), health organisations, governments, and health workers on the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus. 

The search giant hailed SMBs as the “backbone of our communities” and for a good reason. A research conducted by the WorldBank showed that small and medium-sized enterprises make up 90% of all businesses and 50% of employment in the world. 

However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of them are forced to close temporarily or reduce their working hours. Because of this, some of them are earning less or are in danger of shutting down completely. What’s more, they have to find ways to support and protect their employees amidst the outbreak. Through the free ad credits, Google is hoping that they help companies and individuals that are struggling because of the socio-economic effects of the global pandemic. 

Recruiters’ Guide to Google’s Free Ad Credits

If you think your recruitment agency qualifies for Google’s ad incentives, here’s some vital information you should know so you can use them efficiently and move your business forward. 

1. Who can receive the free ad credits?

As discussed earlier, Google is offering incentives to small and medium-sized businesses that directly advertise with the search giant or through its partners. If your recruitment agency has been using Google Ads to generate traffic and find leads, you’re eligible to receive the ad credits. However, make sure that you’re an active advertiser since January 1, 2019, and follows Google’s terms and conditions. 

2. When will I receive the ad credits?

If you qualify for the programme, you will receive a notification within your Google Ads account over the next few months. These notifications will tell you how and when you will receive your ad credits. 

3. When can I use the ad credits?

As a recruiter, you can use the ad incentives anytime within the year. However, keep in mind that they will expire on December 31, 2020. Any ad credits that remain unused will be forfeited and removed from your Google Ads account. 

4. Where can I use the ad credits?

You can use the ad credits across Google’s various ad platforms, including Search, Display and YouTube. They also work on all types of ad campaigns. 

If you’re eligible to receive the ad credits, but you haven’t received any notification from Google, don’t worry. The search giant is assuring everyone that they will obtain the promised incentives when they become available. Google is still working on adding the specialised ad credits to its customers’ Google Ads account, so it could take some time before they show up in your account. For the meantime, the search giant is encouraging everyone to remain patient. 

More Financial Assistance from Google

To augment the $340 million worth of free ad credits, Google has also created a fund for non-government organisations and financial institutions that are helping small businesses worldwide. These funds will provide small-scale enterprises with additional capital. 

Non-profits that are helping out small and medium-sized businesses and companies are also receiving financial support from Google in the form of cash grants worth $15 million. On the other hand, community financial institutions accepted $20 million worth of ad grants from the search giant so they can continue providing SMBs with useful and relevant public service announcements amidst the pandemic. 

Don’t Miss Google’s Free Ad Credits!

In these trying times, it certainly warms the heart to know that some companies and organisations are extending a helping hand to their smaller and less fortunate counterparts. With Google allowing you to get your name out there for free, you certainly don’t want to miss the chance to put these ad credits into good use. As such, make sure that you take the time to give your SEO and Google Ads campaigns a considerable boost. 

Not sure how you can use the free Google Ads credits to your advantage? Don’t worry. We’re happy to help. Recruitment Traffic has a team of SEO and Google Ads experts who can put together a plan that will help you make the most of the incentives Google offered. Speak with us today and let’s drive more traffic and find more leads for your recruitment website.

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