26 Jun, 2020

Google Announces May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

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It is a widely known fact that Google loves fresh websites. In fact, sites that are updated frequently tend to receive better search rankings. This is primarily the reason why you should always keep your recruitment site updated.

Beyond receiving better search rankings, having a frequently updated website also helps you prepare for any adjustments Google will make to its search algorithms, such as the one it announced just a few days ago. Danny Sullivan, who serves as the search giant’s Public Liaison for Search, has recently confirmed that the new algorithm update was the second one for 2020. The latest update, which is called the “May 2020 Core Update,” was introduced on May 4. Sullivan’s confirmation came amidst the growing number of people wondering if Google would suspend its core updates because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the May 2020 Core Update?

Similar to most of Google’s broad core updates, the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update is expected to affect search results in all countries and languages. As a result, websites in different parts of the globe are likely to experience an increase or decrease in search rankings in the coming days.

Fluctuations in search rankings are usually due to content relevancy. If something becomes more relevant right before Google changes its search algorithms, it will receive a higher search ranking. On the same token, if a piece of content becomes less relevant, it will be ranked lower.

The last time the search giant made significant adjustments to its core algorithms was in January. Back then, not many people were interested in coronavirus disease. However, everything changed when the World Health Organisation declared the disease as a global pandemic.

According to Google, COVID-19 was the most searched topic in its history, and it significantly changed the way people use the popular search engine to look for specific information online. Topics and search terms that weren’t considered relevant before are now relevant, while search categories that were popular before the outbreak are now receiving fewer searches.

For example, the number of search queries that focus on travel, entertainment, tourism, and live events had dropped dramatically. Meanwhile, search queries about COVID-19, businesses offering remote services, and online stores that sell daily essentials have increased considerably. Because of this trend, the May 2020 Core Update is likely to create significant changes to millions of websites. 

Bigger Demand for SEO Services?

With the way it changed people’s Google habits, the May 2020 Core Update is expected to be more volatile than the search giant’s previous core updates. For this reason, a bigger demand for professional SEO services is likely. Because recruitment firms and other businesses need to adjust their online marketing strategies to keep up with the changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, it certainly makes sense to enlist the assistance of SEO specialists like us at Recruitment Traffic. 

Google’s Tip for Recruitment Site Owners

Throughout the years, Google has offered the same advice for recruiters and business owners alike after a core algorithm update: make sure that their respective websites provide relevant content. It pointed out that there is nothing you need to fix if your search rankings would decrease because of the May 2020 Core Update.

However, you can prevent your site from experiencing the same thing after future updates. You have to provide your audience with the best piece of web content you can offer. Also, you have to make sure that it is of high quality and can fulfil the needs of your web visitors. You can check out Google’s guidelines to determine if your web content meets its standards. 

Always Prepare Yourself for Core Updates

Google has a reputation for improving its search algorithms when you least expected it. This is to ensure that users will receive the most relevant and most accurate search results possible. For this reason, you must always be prepared for a potential update from the search giant.

Our SEO experts here at Recruitment are more than happy to provide you with the help you need. With our optimisation services, you can be sure that your recruitment site is always ready for a Google core update. Contact us today!

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