16 Dec, 2020

Google Algorithm Update for December 2020 Released

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Just as many online marketers and website owners, including those in the recruitment business, thought that 2020 would end without further incident, Google made a recent announcement that shocked many. Just early this month, the search giant confirmed that it rolled out a major search algorithm update. What’s more, data showed that this update is considerably more prominent than the one Google released in May.

Because of the many challenges we faced this year, most of us are already looking forward to welcoming the new year. As a result, not many of us anticipated the release of the Google algorithm update for December 2020. The search giant confirmed that the update is massive and can take up to two weeks to take full effect.

Called the “December 2020 Core Update,” it is the third major algorithm update of the year. Similar to its predecessor, the May 2020 Core Update, and all of Google’s broad core updates, it affects search results in all countries and languages.

What’s the Deal with the New Core Update?

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Unlike with other major search algorithm updates, it took Google almost seven months before it rolled out the December 2020 Core Update. In most cases, the search giant would confirm an update within three months. For instance, the first core update of 2020 was in January. Then, the second one was released in May.

Another issue many marketers and business owners have with the December update is the timing of its release. With the holiday season just a few days to go, most of them are concerned that the update would have a negative impact on their business. After all, core updates are infamous for causing fluctuations in search rankings.

The update’s size is also another primary concern, and as a recruiter, this is something you should pay close attention to. Its predecessor, the one rolled out in May, is already big and broad enough. It took a couple of weeks before it was completely rolled out. It was also more volatile than the core updates that Google released in the past. However, studies confirmed that the December 2020 Core Update is much bigger and more volatile than the May version.

A RankRanger research showed that compared to the May update, the Google algorithm update for December 2020 brought about more changes in search rankings in specific niches. These changes are more noticeable in the top three search results. Fluctuations in the top 20 positions on Google search result pages are also many, recording twice the number of those observed in May.

SEMRush, meanwhile, revealed the industries that were significantly affected by the update. For desktop searches, they include:

  • Health
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Real estate
  • Government

The impact of the December update on mobile searches is particularly alarming for those in the recruitment sector. The SEMRush research showed that there are noticeable fluctuations in the jobs and education sector. Aside from them, the update also hit the following niches:

  • Health
  • Real estate
  • Pet and animals
  • Law
  • Government

Searchmetrics had the same findings as SEMRush. Their data revealed significant changes in search rankings in areas or niches involving E-A-T and content, including health, music, finance, news, and, eCommerce.

Meanwhile, the SEO community is buzzing with chatter because of Google’s surprise. Several online marketers claimed that they had lost more than 40% of their organic traffic since the December 2020 Core Update was announced. Some, however, are not as unlucky. They said that they recorded 150% traffic growth with the update.

What Recruiters Should Do

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Google’s advice after a major algorithm update remains the same. The search giant stressed that there’s nothing you should do if you notice a dip in your search ranking. It pointed out that a decline in search rankings is not an indication of a severe problem with your website.

While this may be the case, Google does not discourage everyone from taking necessary actions if they experience a decline in search ranking or web traffic. If you think your recruitment site has been hit by the Google algorithm update for December 2020, the search giant offers a list of questions you can use to evaluate your site. Also, you should take a good look at your web content to ensure that:

  • It contains information, research, or analysis you didn’t copy anywhere.
  • It provides a thorough explanation of your chosen topic.
  • It doesn’t contain plagiarised content.
  • It is the type of content you’d want to bookmark or share with others.
  • It doesn’t contain exaggerated, sensationalised, or “clickbait-y” headlines.

If you have made certain adjustments to your recruitment site to recover lost traffic, you don’t have to wait long to see the fruits of your labour. Google said the results of your efforts are immediate. You don’t have to wait until the next broad core update to see improvements in your web traffic or search rankings. 

The search giant also reiterated its advice regarding preparing for core algorithm updates in the future. To avoid taking a massive hit, make sure that your recruitment site offers only high-quality content. Also, ensure that your web content is relevant and can help fulfil the needs of job seekers and employers.

Is Your Recruitment Site Ready for Future Google Updates?

As you may know, Google has a track record for being secretive regarding the exact schedule of its search algorithm updates. This is why it is best to take a proactive approach than to be caught unaware and unprepared. Ensure that your recruitment site complies with Google’s rules and, more importantly, offers SEO-friendly content relevant to your audience’s needs. 

Are you worried that Google’s latest core algorithm update would hurt your web traffic and search ranking? We can help. At Recruitment Traffic, our team can provide you with the SEO solutions you require to prepare your site for Google’s algorithm updates. And if you think the December 2020 Core Update had hurt your recruitment site, we are more than happy to assist you. Please contact us to receive award-winning recruitment SEO services.

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