12 Aug, 2022

Content Marketing for Recruitment: Tips and Tricks

Content Marketing for Recruitment

Throughout the years, content marketing for recruitment agencies has been proven an effective way to attract and engage both candidates and employers. Most people often check the reputation and background information of a recruitment firm before enlisting their services. Using the power of web content, you can help prospects develop an in-depth understanding of your skills and expertise as a recruiter, eventually convincing them to hire you. 

How to Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

There is more to crafting quality recruitment content than simply writing down whatever comes to mind. You should implement the best practices to ensure quality results and a greater return on investment. Below are some of them. 

1. Develop a candidate/client persona

Whether you’re targeting job seekers or employers, you must know exactly who your content is for. This will help simplify the content creation process and make it easier to determine where you should promote your content. 

For instance, suppose you want to use content marketing to attract more candidates to your talent pool. To achieve your goal, you should take the time to create a candidate persona. Beyond your target audience’s basic information and demographics, the candidate persona should include their job requirements, career goals and history, and personality traits. 

2. Create a candidate/client journey

After creating a persona, the next step is to map your prospects’ journey. This will help you pinpoint the best type of content to write and the most effective way to engage your target audience. 

For example, if you want to target candidates and employers who aren’t familiar with your firm yet, it would help to create blog posts or research papers to build brand awareness and showcase your expertise. For people who are further into their journey, landing pages that detail your recruitment services can help spur them to make a decision and enlist your help. 

3. Research your keywords

Keyword research is a necessary step to a successful content marketing campaign. It can provide insights into your target audience’s online behaviour and help you determine the search terms they are using to find you. Once you have selected the keywords you should target, you should incorporate them into your content to make it more relevant and search engine-friendly. 

There are plenty of keyword research tools you can use today. Excellent examples include Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. 

4. Plan your posting schedule

Did you know that posting your content at the right time can help it reach and attract a wider audience? For instance, publishing a blog post about nailing job applications right when you have upcoming job openings would make your content more relevant and help it generate more interest. Therefore, plan your content creation and posting schedule carefully. While it’s unnecessary to publish new content every day, knowing when to do it can boost your strategy. 

5. Continue engaging your audience

Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing for recruitment. Even if you’ve already filled in a particular role or found a new client to work with, it’s vital to keep your audience engaged. This would help you build a stronger relationship with your prospects. 

You should encourage people to subscribe or join your mailing list. This will enable you to provide them with tailored content, giving you plenty of opportunities to direct them to service pages or contact them about future job openings. 

What Types of Recruitment Content Should You Write?

You can create various types of web content to attract and engage your target audience. Here are a few of them.

1. Blog posts

The most common type of web content, blog posts are as effective as they are versatile. When done correctly, they enable you to showcase your skills and expertise as a recruitment authority. Likewise, they help you build trust with your audience by providing you with the chance to solve your prospects’ problems. 

2. Videos

Videos are an excellent medium for driving more traffic to your recruitment site. Not only are they engaging and easy to digest, but they are also the most favourite type of content amongst consumers. Furthermore, videos help put a face to your recruitment firm, making your audience trust you more.


3. Podcasts

Not everyone has the time to research recruitment firms and read tons of information about them. Fortunately, podcasts can help you provide valuable content to those who can listen to something in the background. 

4. Infographics

Infographics are an excellent tool for presenting a significant amount of information, numbers, or statistics into something easier to digest. Because our brain processes images faster than text, providing your audience with this content type will make it easier to remember vital information. Furthermore, infographics are easy to share, allowing you to generate more traffic via content marketing for recruitment. 

Start Developing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can take your recruitment firm to greater heights when implemented correctly. Besides helping you build brand awareness, it also allows you to showcase your recruitment expertise and provide solutions to your audience’s problems. More importantly, it enables you to generate traffic and leads, helping you attract more potential candidates and clients. 

If you need help developing a recruitment content marketing strategy, we are happy to help. Having worked with plenty of recruitment firms in the past, we at Recruitment Traffic possess the skills and experience to provide you with a robust content marketing and SEO strategy. Please speak with our team today! 

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