A Recruiter’s Guide to Creating Relevant and High-Quality Content for Local SEO

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If you’re targeting candidates and potential clients in a specific area, you should improve your local SEO strategy. Local SEO enables you to reach specific audiences, making it easier for you to encourage them to enlist your recruitment services. To make the most of this strategy, you’ll need to create quality content for local SEO

You can use a wide range of content marketing tactics to improve your local search ranking. Below are some of them. 

1. Submit content to local websites

At this point, you probably already have a blog for your recruitment site. If you want to expand your reach, you’ll need to branch out by publishing content on other websites. This strategy is called guest blogging, and it will help you build quality backlinks and generate referral traffic to your site. What’s more, it provides you with the opportunity to showcase your recruitment expertise, allowing you to boost your credibility and earn your prospects’ trust. 

Here are a few guest blogging tips you should consider 

a. Find websites that accept guest posts

To make the most of this strategy, the first thing you need to do is find guest blogging opportunities. On Google, type in your location + website + guest post. After obtaining the results of our online query, create a list of relevant websites that can potentially publish your content. 

b. Determine the publishing requirements

Visit each site on your list to determine their guest post guidelines. Also, pay attention to the types of content they are publishing to ensure that their audiences include job seekers and employers. 

c. Reach out to the publisher/site owner

Contact the site owner by sending them an email to express your interest to do a guest post. 

2. Use “localised” keywords

Whether you’re posting an article on your blog or submitting a guest post on other sites, make sure to incorporate “localised” keywords into your content. It is also a great idea to add local keywords to your URLs and meta descriptions besides your blog posts or page content. 

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to recruit employment law solicitors in Northampton. You can use the keyword “Northampton employment law solicitors” and its variations in your web content to reach local audiences. Meanwhile, Google Keyword Planner can help you identify relevant keywords that are popular in your target location. 

3. Create “local” headlines

Ensure that your page titles are optimised for local SEO. This will let Google know that your content is intended for a local audience. At the same time, it will make it easier for your prospects to recognise you as a local recruitment agency. You can do this by adding geotags or localised keywords to your title tags and content headlines. 

4. Write content for local audiences

After researching the keywords you’ll need to use, the next step is to create content for local SEO. However, adding localised keywords to your web content isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that your blog posts, articles, and service pages have a local flavour. 

For instance, if you’re targeting local job seekers in Northampton, you can create a blog post about the ten most in-demand jobs in the area. You can also compile local “Top 10” or “Best of” lists relevant to the local recruitment industry to attract your target audience’s attention. 

5. Participate in community events

Community events are a great source of local content ideas. You can feature a local event on your blog or website. Local gatherings also enable you to obtain relevant backlinks to your site. When you participate in a local event, awards, or charity drive, you might get a link from the event organiser’s official website. 

If you don’t want to participate in community events, you can try sponsoring one to get backlinks. It is also a great idea to support local clubs, teams, or organisations so your website will be featured on theirs.

6. Promote your content on social media

Want to make sure that your content for local SEO will have a wider reach? Cross-promote your blog posts, articles, and other types of content on your social media pages. This will help you drive more traffic to your recruitment site. At the same time, it enables you to engage your audience directly and attract more loyal followers. 

It’s also advisable that you join local groups on social media sites so you can share your location-specific content with them. Just make sure that these groups are relevant to your industry. 

Boost Your Local SEO Strategy with Quality Content

Improving your local search ranking is crucial to generating more traffic and leads to your recruitment site. One way to enhance your local SEO is to create content designed for local audiences. Consider the pointers discussed above to develop content that will attract the attention of local candidates and employers. 

If you need help creating content that will help boost your local presence, we at Recruitment Traffic can offer you the services you need. We can provide you with expert content marketing and SEO services that will help you generate more traffic and lead to your recruitment business. Please speak with us today to get started.

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