14 May, 2021

5 Link Building Mistakes Recruiters Should Never Make

link building mistakes

A recruiter with significant credibility and is considered an authority in the recruitment industry is more likely to attract the attention of potential clients. After all, candidates and employers usually trust those with established reputations and are proven to be reliable sources of information.

For this reason, you must include link building in your overall digital marketing strategy. When there are a significant number of websites linking to yours, it tells Google that you’re an authority in your niche and a trusted source of recruitment information. This encourages the search giant to give you a better search ranking. The higher you rank on Google, the more likely your audience will trust you and visit your site. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Links

Having quality backlinks is indeed crucial to your success. Research showed that of all the ranking factors Google uses to determine a site’s search ranking, backlinks have the most impact. However, it can be easy to commit errors when building links, especially for recruitment SEO beginners. To get better results, therefore, make sure to avoid the following link building mistakes: 

1. Not removing bad backlinks

After Google launched its Penguin update a few years ago, all websites can no longer build unnatural or irrelevant links. Otherwise, it could result in a penalty. Therefore, make sure that you remove bad and spammy backlinks from your site. Before you link to another website or blog, see that it is trustworthy and has ties with the recruitment industry.

Removing bad links can be time-consuming. Fortunately, many tools can help you with this task, such as Google’s Disavow tool. 

2. Relying on only one kind of backlinks

Never make the mistake of building only one kind of backlinks. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. More importantly, you’re asking Google to give you a penalty since only building either dofollow or nofollow links is considered a blackhat SEO strategy.

For instance, suppose you’re building only dofollow links. While nofollow links don’t deliver link juice to your site, they still help with your SEO. This is particularly true when you leave comments on blogs and receive nofollow links from other relevant websites. Therefore, make sure to focus on both types of links. Not only will this help you avoid a Google penalty, but it can also help boost your site’s search ranking. 

3. Using optimised anchor texts

Using optimised anchor texts with keywords in them is one of the biggest link building mistakes you should never make because it is considered blackhat SEO. However, not many marketers are aware of this. As a result, they keep using this strategy and placing themselves at risk of receiving a penalty from the search giant.

As such, make sure to avoid utilising optimised anchor texts when building links. Also, it would be best if you didn’t use the same anchor text repeatedly. To avoid a potential penalty, try to vary your anchor texts. It also helps to use different combinations of words to make your anchor texts look and read more natural, especially to Google’s search bots. 

4. Building site-wide or footer section backlinks

Before, to obtain higher search rankings, marketers and website owners build links from the footer, sidebar, and other sections of websites. However, after Google found out that this strategy was easy to abuse, it quickly banned the practice and penalised anyone who was caught doing it.

Instead of obtaining site-wide links, you should build natural links. Link to relevant webpages and make sure that you use them seamlessly on your web content. This will help you obtain better results and, at the same time, minimise your risk of receiving a Google penalty. 

5. Linking to irrelevant websites

Just because a website is popular and has many visitors, it doesn’t automatically mean that you should link to it. You still have to ensure that its content is related to recruitment or employment. Otherwise, it could harm your search ranking.

However, you can still link to a site from another niche or industry provided that the web content you’re linking to is relevant to the one you have or are currently making. For example, let’s say there’s a popular website about architecture. If you want to obtain link juice from this site, make sure that you link to a piece of content that discusses the benefits of being an architect, how to land an architecture job, and other employment-related topics. 

It’s Better to Build Links with the Help of Experts

Indeed, link building can go a long way towards improving your search ranking and building your site’s authority and credibility. However, if you’re a complete beginner at this vital SEO strategy, it could be easy for you to make mistakes that could lead to a Google penalty. For this reason, it’s worth considering seeking the help of SEO experts.

At Recruitment Traffic, our goal is to help recruitment agencies make the most of the opportunities Google can provide. We provide bespoke SEO solutions to boost the performance and online visibility of your recruitment site. With our help, you can avoid common link building mistakes that could hurt your business. Please speak with us today, and we’ll create a custom plan for you.

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