4 Quick and Easy Ways Recruiters Can Generate More Leads

To be successful in the recruitment industry, you must have a steady source of leads. This will make it easier for you to find job seekers you can add to your talent pool and employers who require your services. However, generating new leads is not exactly a walk in the park. According to studies, only one out of 100 people who visit your site is likely to leave you their contact details or enlist your services.

You might be thinking, “Why don’t I just drive more traffic to my website? With more web visitors, I have more chances to obtain leads.” While this is a valid strategy, we believe it is not that effective. It is because driving more traffic to your site is usually more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

So how can you generate more leads for your recruitment firm?


How to Generate More Leads

You might be surprised to find out that simply changing what’s currently on your website can help you gain more leads for your recruitment business. Modifying the layout and message of your website can give your lead generation efforts a considerable boost. When done correctly, this strategy can even double the leads you’re currently receiving in 10 days or less.

Here are some pointers to help you out: 


1.  Add more credibility triggers to your website

Everything on your website should be working hard to help you obtain leads. That being said, all of your web pages, the About Us page included, should be able to enhance your credibility.

When it comes to connecting employers to qualified job seekers, you know that your knowledge and expertise are second to none. Many of your former clients can attest to the quality of your services. However, first-time visitors to your website aren’t aware of this yet. They won’t trust your company and enlist your assistance right away until you show them proof of your capabilities.


  • Take advantage of customer testimonials

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The first step to gaining more credibility is knowing the benefits of the services that you are offering. Then, highlight these benefits in a more accessible manner. A customer testimonial is an excellent example of this.

Customer testimonials and recommendations are among the most effective forms of marketing. They are more credible, too, since satisfied customers are the ones speaking about your business on your behalf. Because customer testimonials serve as “social proof” that customers can count on you, candidates and employers would be more inclined to give you their contact details or sign up for your service when they see them on your website.

A quick reminder, though. Don’t just post customer testimonials on your testimonials page. Because every part of your website is essential and should serve a purpose, you should place these credibility triggers in every part of your website. This way, your visitors can see them no matter which part of your site they are viewing.


  • Use company logos

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The logo of your former client is another credibility trigger that you can use to build trust. While you might be tempted to use only the logos of famous companies and organisations, you should also include small and not-so-popular firms. Because there is strength in numbers, this will show many companies and organisations trust you. As a result, more employers are likely to enlist your recruitment services.


  • Give your website a makeover

Another way to boost your credibility is to improve the overall look of your website. While we are often told that we mustn’t judge a book by its cover, we can’t help but be attracted to visually appealing things. Therefore, if your target audience sees that your site looks outdated and poorly designed, they might think twice about asking you for help.

Improving the appearance of your site enables you to make an excellent first impression. More importantly, it will help enhance the opinion people have about your business, giving them the idea that you’re a trustworthy and reliable source of top-notch recruitment services.


2. Make your offer more tempting

Make your website offer more tempting.To make it more tempting, you should consider the first step in your sales process. Think about how you can provide that on your website and present it in a way that’s interesting and irresistible to your target audience.

For instance, as part of your sales process, let’s say you’re offering free consultation services to both employers and job seekers who visit your office to “butter them up.” You can use the same strategy to convince web visitors to enlist your services. Instead of asking them to sign up right away, what you can do is offer them tailored recruitment or job hunting advice in exchange for their contact information.


3.  Address your audience’s reluctance to contact you

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Most people these days are reluctant to get in touch with businesses unless they have substantial evidence that the latter is the one they need. This is why merely asking web visitors to contact you won’t help you acquire more leads. You have to assure them first that you are what they need before you can ask them to sign up for your services.

To encourage more enquiries, you should address any reservations your prospects may have about contacting you. You can do this by offering all the useful information about your business online. This includes your location, the industries you specialise in, and the areas you serve. This way, anyone who’s unsure if your service is available in their area or industry will immediately know that you are indeed someone who can help them.


4.  Tell your audience what they must do

Make it simple and convenient for everyone to do what they need to do on your website. You can do this by making the call to action (CTA) button more attractive and noticeable. Take Amazon’s website as an example. Their Buy button is displayed prominently on the right side of the page, making it easy and convenient for customers to purchase the items they want.

Never place your CTA at the bottom of your webpage. According to studies, fewer than 2% of clicks take place in the footer area. You should position your CTA above the fold instead. This way, your target audience won’t need to scroll down the page to access it. Also, repeat your CTA throughout the page so you can address and convince visitors who want to learn more about your offer before they are ready to contact you.


Final Thoughts

Knowing how to generate more leads is key to a recruiter’s success. Through lead generation, you can create an exhaustive list of qualified candidates who can fulfil your clients’ hiring needs and employers who are looking for talented professionals.

Driving traffic is the lifeblood of your business. However, you also need to make sure that your website is converting that high quality traffic. You can do this by improving the current content and appearance of your site. Not only is it less time-consuming, but optimising your website to transform it into a lead generation machine is also more effective and much easier to accomplish.

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