21 Oct, 2021

PPC Lead Generation Strategies Recruiters Should Implement Now

PPC lead generation

Don’t have a marketing budget big enough to enable you to compete with more prominent recruitment companies? Don’t fret. You can always invest in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to build brand awareness and find leads for your recruitment business. Running PPC ads is an effective and cost-efficient way to find candidates and employers who might require your services. 

PPC marketing can indeed help you generate a significant number of leads for your business. However, you need to make sure that you’re using the right PPC lead generation strategies so you can attract high-quality web traffic and leads every time. 

How to Obtain High-Quality Recruitment Leads

At Recruitment Traffic, we have a lot of experience in running PPC campaigns, specifically Google Ads. To help you achieve the results that you want, we’re sharing with you some tried-and-tested lead generation strategies. 

1. Create URL tracking

While it is indeed vital to track your conversions, it shouldn’t be your sole focus when running PPC ads. You also need to keep an eye on other parts of your campaign to determine how effective it is. One way to do this is by adding UTM parameters or codes to the end of your landing page URL. This will help you determine where your web traffic and leads are coming from. 

Here are some UTM codes that you can utilise to determine the origin of your leads: 

  • utm_source – the platform you’re using to run your campaign (e.g. Google Ads)
  • utm_medium – the type of channel
  • utm_term – the keywords your prospects use in their search query
  • utm_device – the device your prospects use to view your ads
  • utm_matchtype – the match type (e.g. broad, phrase, or exact) of the search terms used by your prospects 

If Google Ads is your chosen PPC platform, you can monitor your landing page URLs by clicking on campaign settings and placing tracking parameters in the “Campaign URL options (advanced)” section. 

2. Segment your audience

With PPC marketing platforms, such as Google Ads, you can set who can view your ads. You can also determine in advance who can click on them. This is a massive plus as it allows you to create more relevant ads and target specific groups of people. 

If you want to boost the quality of the leads you’re receiving from your PPC ads, you should consider segmenting your audience instead of serving all of them the same ad. Create specific campaigns or ad groups to make your ads more accurate and relevant. 

For instance, let’s say you want to add web developers to your talent pool. You can segment your PPC campaign similar to the following: 

  • Sub-category: corporate web developers, e-commerce web developers, etc.
  • Feature: WordPress web developers, PHP web developers, front end web developers
  • Benefits: job placement for web developers, recruitment services for web developers
  • Geographical location: Northampton web developers, London web developers, Manchester web developers 

By creating specific campaigns and segmenting your audience, identifying the most relevant keywords, writing compelling ads, and creating dedicated landing pages can be quicker and much easier to accomplish. 

3. Research your keywords

As with SEO, PPC lead generation also requires thorough keyword research. This will help you identify the keywords you should bid on so you can quickly reach job seekers and business owners who might require recruitment services. 

When conducting keyword research, pay attention to the following search terms: 

  • High-intent keywords – keywords used by prospects at the bottom of the sales funnel.
  • Low-intent keywords – search terms used by those who are looking for information about services similar to yours. Using these keywords in your campaigns can help you build brand awareness.
  • Long-tail keywords – low-competition keywords that are less popular but inexpensive. They can be used to target prospects who are looking for specific services/information. 

4. Craft dedicated landing pages for each of your campaigns

You might be tempted to drive your prospects who clicked on your ads into a single landing page because it is easier and requires less work. However, this could place your campaign at a disadvantage. If your prospects can’t find on your landing pages what you promised on your ads, they are likely to leave. For this reason, it’s essential to create specific landing pages for each of your ads/campaigns to boost your chances of converting those clicks into leads. 

When creating landing pages, make sure to observe the following best practices to receive better PPC lead generation results: 

  • Create landing pages that fulfil your prospects’ needs.
  • Do not add page elements that could discourage prospects from taking your desired conversion action. These include extra form fields and unnecessary navigation buttons.
  • Tell your prospects exactly what to do by adding a clear call to action (CTA).
  • Keep your landing pages short and precise. 

5. Create better ad content

To get people to visit your landing page, make sure to pique their attention by writing compelling ad content. Ensure that your sentences and headlines are catchy and convincing. You can do this by adding useful statistics or appealing to your audience’s emotions. Also, make sure to end your message with a strong CTA. 

For More Leads, Give Your PPC Campaigns a Boost

Recruiters can undoubtedly benefit from having a steady source of leads from qualified candidates and employers who require recruitment services. This is why you should develop and manage a robust PPC campaign. Take note of the pointers discussed above so you can give your PPC ads a boost and receive as many high-quality leads for your business as possible. 

If you need help creating PPC ads that will enable you to generate high-quality leads for your recruitment firm, our team of Google Ads experts are happy to assist you. At Recruitment Traffic, our goal is to provide recruiters with winning SEO and PPC solutions so they can achieve greater return on investment. Please speak with us today and we’ll create a bespoke online marketing plan for you.

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