‘receive quality CVs for specific roles’


Don’t rely on job boards, instead send candidates directly to your own website where the competition is biased in your favour.


This service works best for the more specific harder to fill roles such as:

  • radiographer candidate simon mentioned
  • xxxx
  • xxx


Include average cost per application

You are a headhunter? No problem, social advertising is the perfect option to reach out to highly skilled, highly sort after passive candidates.  Social platforms can identify those with the right credentials for your role based on their experience, skills, qualifications, interests, employer, job titles.

helping small Recruitment businesses to gain high quality CVs for specific roles is a large part of what we do. Generally it is this that recruiters need most help with.

For instance… we can run Sponsored Google Search Ads to promote your specific roles each month, targeting them to the specific locations such as ‘Supply Chain Manager Jobs in Hampshire’.

This type of approach ensures that your roles get seen by candidates looking for opportunities, this also supports any headhunting you may be doing, because as soon as an interested candidate (who you may have approached) decides to see what OTHER roles may be available (by searching online like they all do), they keep seeing your ads!

It works incredibly well 🙂

List benefits

  • Recruitment specialist
  • Experts in multiple channels so will implement the marketing that will provide the best results
  • We only deliver services that deliver what you need – no posting content to social for no reason
  • you reach candidates before they trawl job boards
  • you get the direct relationship instead of being one of many they see on a job board
  • ‘all-inclusive’ services – You won’t be inundated with requests for website changes and extra charges, if it needs doing, it’s already included within our offering.


List objectives

  • applications
  • CVs
  • increase CV registrations / job alerts list
  • build candidate pool
  • retarget


Needs purpose built application form – that asks all about their industry and needs Such as

  • Single most important sector
  • Single most important candidate role
  • Target area
  • Volume of high quality new leads they can handle each month
  • Average placement fee